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  1. 100% Silk Knit Men's Bikini Brief100% Silk Knit Men's Bikini Brief
    Magic Silk 6606
    100% Silk Knit Men's Bikini Brief
    29 Reviews
    $27.00 $14.95 - $21.60
  2. Super Fit Long Leg Boxer Brief - 2 PackSuper Fit Long Leg Boxer Brief - 2 Pack
    Pair of Thieves 100741
    Super Fit Long Leg Boxer Brief - 2 Pack
    $24.98 $19.98
  3. Royal Classic T-ShirtRoyal Classic T-Shirt
    Zimmerli 2528125
    Royal Classic T-Shirt
    $124.00 $99.20
  4. Torridz Hyperstretch Low Rise ThongTorridz Hyperstretch Low Rise Thong
    Gregg Homme 87404
    Torridz Hyperstretch Low Rise Thong
    94 Reviews
    $28.25 $22.60
  5. Sea Island Luxury Cotton TrunkSea Island Luxury Cotton Trunk
    Zimmerli 2861445
    Sea Island Luxury Cotton Trunk
    2 Reviews
    $140.00 $104.95 - $112.00
  6. Compression Calf SockCompression Calf Sock
    Bike bam509
    Compression Calf Sock
    $14.00 $11.20
  7. Modal Snug Pouch ThongModal Snug Pouch Thong
    Cocksox cx05md
    Modal Snug Pouch Thong
    $26.00 $20.80
  8. Laburnum Merino Wool 5x3 Rib Dress SockLaburnum Merino Wool 5x3 Rib Dress Sock
    Pantherella 5796
    Laburnum Merino Wool 5x3 Rib Dress Sock
    1 Review
    $29.50 $23.60
  9. EliteMan AnatoMAX BriefEliteMan AnatoMAX Brief
    Obviously f02-1a
    EliteMan AnatoMAX Brief
    $29.00 $23.20
  10. Pureness Boxer BriefPureness Boxer Brief
    Zimmerli 7001343
    Pureness Boxer Brief
    $99.00 $79.20
  11. Cotton Code BoxerCotton Code Boxer
    Calida 24090
    Cotton Code Boxer
    3 Reviews
    $35.00 $28.00
  12. Rival Fleece Full Zip HoodieRival Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
    Under Armour 1357111
    Rival Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
    $29.99 $23.99
  13. Plumes G-StringPlumes G-String
    HOM 359931
    Plumes G-String
    9 Reviews
    $24.00 $19.20
  14. Latex Free Organic Cotton Drawstring Boxer BriefLatex Free Organic Cotton Drawstring Boxer Brief
    Cottonique m17760
    Latex Free Organic Cotton Drawstring Boxer Brief
    4 Reviews
    $30.00 $24.00
  15. Yoga Breathable BriefYoga Breathable Brief
    Gregg Homme 190403
    Yoga Breathable Brief
    $35.25 $28.20
  16. Low Rise Cheeky String BikiniLow Rise Cheeky String Bikini
    Cover Male 112
    Low Rise Cheeky String Bikini
    34 Reviews
    $18.00 $11.95
  17. Royal Classic Open Fly BriefRoyal Classic Open Fly Brief
    Zimmerli 2528406
    Royal Classic Open Fly Brief
    $92.00 $73.60
  18. NOS Energy TrunkNOS Energy Trunk
    Boss Hugo Boss 0475402
    NOS Energy Trunk
    $30.00 $24.00
  19. Cotton Woven Button Fly BoxerCotton Woven Button Fly Boxer
    Zimmerli 4030751
    Cotton Woven Button Fly Boxer
    $69.00 $55.20
  20. Ribbed Stretch Cotton BriefRibbed Stretch Cotton Brief
    Emporio Armani 112024
    Ribbed Stretch Cotton Brief
    $43.00 $34.40
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When the weather warms up, the first thing we pull out of the drawer is a pair of shorts. For casual wear, and workouts, start with the right style. Drawstring shorts are popular for both their casual style and comfort. What could be a easier than a waistband that adjusts with a drawstring? For activities like golf, a tailored pair of lightweight shorts is just the thing. Add side pockets and small hidden key pockets and you're hands-free all day. When the temperature heats up, whether on the basketball court or anywhere else you break a sweat, mesh shorts will keep you cool. Open mesh on the outside and breathable fabric lining wicks away moisture. Mesh activewear is typically made of nylon, which is soft, lightweight and hard-wearing. For serious rigorous activity, many men prefer compression shorts. Compression aids muscle performance and reduces fatigue, and the high-tech fabric is breathable and smooth.