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Why Buy SAXX Underwear?  

SAXX is all about support. The proof is in the patented BallPark Pouch, an ergonomically engineered pouch that keeps your manhood in place without the sweat, chafing, and stickiness that average underwear brings. SAXX's ground-breaking innovation was the dawn of a new era in men's underwear, and the creation of life-changing products with aspects that were rarely talked about. SAXX has challenged the discomforts and banished them so you feel only a snug, supportive, secure fit. Once you've tried on the BallPark Pouch, you'll never go back to ordinary underwear! 

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  1. Vibe Everyday Modern Fit Soft Viscose BoxerVibe Everyday Modern Fit Soft Viscose Boxer
    Saxx Underwear sxbm35
    Vibe Everyday Modern Fit Soft Viscose Boxer
    22 Reviews
  2. Quest Long Leg Boxer Brief with FlyQuest Long Leg Boxer Brief with Fly
    Saxx Underwear sxll70f
    Quest Long Leg Boxer Brief with Fly
    1 Review
  3. Ultra Moisture Wicking Everyday Fly-Front BriefUltra Moisture Wicking Everyday Fly-Front Brief
    Saxx Underwear sxbr30f
    Ultra Moisture Wicking Everyday Fly-Front Brief
    12 Reviews
  4. Ultra Moisture Wicking Fly-Front BoxerUltra Moisture Wicking Fly-Front Boxer
    Saxx Underwear sxbb30f
    Ultra Moisture Wicking Fly-Front Boxer
    7 Reviews
  5. Quest Quick Dry Performance BoxerQuest Quick Dry Performance Boxer
    Saxx Underwear sxbb70f
    Quest Quick Dry Performance Boxer
    3 Reviews
  6. Volt Boxer BriefVolt Boxer Brief
    Saxx Underwear sxbb29
    Volt Boxer Brief
  7. Ultra Boxer Brief With Fly - 2 PackUltra Boxer Brief With Fly - 2 Pack
    Saxx Underwear sxpp2u
    Ultra Boxer Brief With Fly - 2 Pack
    1 Review
  8. Vibe Modern Fit Boxer - 2 PackVibe Modern Fit Boxer - 2 Pack
    Saxx Underwear sxpp2v
    Vibe Modern Fit Boxer - 2 Pack
    2 Reviews
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Saxx Underwear

Like most great inventions, Saxx Underwear was born out of a problem that needed a solution. there had to be a better way to design men's underwear, and that better way has been found: the Ergonomic Comfort Pouch.

It all starts with the pouch. Like much of today's mens pouch underwear Saxx Underwear features a flyless contour pouch on all of its underwear. The contour seam that joins the two fabric panels creates the pouch that also serves to create a cantilevering lift to your package: giving you lifting support that traditional underwear does not. The difference between Saxx Underwear's contour comfort pouch and other brands is that, rather than leave the wearer's overall comfort to chance, the Ergonomic Comfort Pouch is double-layered to prevent contour seam contact with your crotch. That solves the first of the problems, but the main one that started it all is hardly addressed by any other underwear brand. No leg contact is the key to the comfort you would experience with Saxx Underwear. This common complaint among men is eliminated thanks to the ingenious and unique net panels that surround the pouch. Parallel panels made of nylon/spandex mesh create an almost hammock effect for the scrotum. The breathable, stretchable mesh runs from waistband to seat, fitting your natural contours. These innovative mesh panels prevent any contact with the leg and keep your package completely and comfortably separated and contained within the pouch. Available in boxer briefs and trunk styles. The Pro Elite line is made of antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric for active use.

Saxx's Ergonomic Comfort Pouch has grown into a phenomenon--worn by MLB players like the Twins' Justin Morneau and Jeff Francis of the Royals. Although not specifically athletic underwear, Saxx Underwear comfort and support has also produced sales to the Dodgers, Rockies, Diamondbacks and more. The first production run of 200 pairs, in 2006, sold out almost overnight. Saxx continues to build on their early success, with innovative styles and unique construction that will keep you comfortable no matter how active (or not so active) you are.