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Why wouldn't you? It's Under Armour. This is the brand that changed sports and fitness as we know it. The performance technology they've developed and engineered into their gear is a literal game-changer. Wicking? They started the whole thing. It doesn't matter if you're up at dawn running laps or if you're in an office all day. Under Armour has you covered from underwear to socks to shirts.

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  1. Rival Fleece Full Zip HoodieRival Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
    Under Armour 1357111
    Rival Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
    $23.99 - $29.99
  2. Rival Fleece HoodieRival Fleece Hoodie
    Under Armour 1357092
    Rival Fleece Hoodie
    $55.00 $29.95
  3. Tall Man HeatGear Compression T-ShirtTall Man HeatGear Compression T-Shirt
    Under Armour 1361518t
    Tall Man HeatGear Compression T-Shirt
    $30.00 $24.00
  4. Tech Mesh 6 Inch Boxer Briefs - 2 PackTech Mesh 6 Inch Boxer Briefs - 2 Pack
    Under Armour 1363623
    Tech Mesh 6 Inch Boxer Briefs - 2 Pack
    $40.00 $27.95 - $32.00
  5. Charged Cotton 6 Inch Boxerjock - 3 PackCharged Cotton 6 Inch Boxerjock - 3 Pack
    Under Armour 1363617
    Charged Cotton 6 Inch Boxerjock - 3 Pack
    $40.00 $32.00
  6. Tall Man Tech Performance PoloTall Man Tech Performance Polo
    Under Armour 1290140t
    Tall Man Tech Performance Polo
    $45.00 $36.00
  7. Launch 5 Inch Short With Mesh LinerLaunch 5 Inch Short With Mesh Liner
    Under Armour 1361492
    Launch 5 Inch Short With Mesh Liner
    $35.00 $28.00
  8. Tech 2.0 Long Sleeve T-ShirtTech 2.0 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    Under Armour 1328496
    Tech 2.0 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    $30.00 $24.00
  9. Men's Blitzing 3.0 Fitted CapMen's Blitzing 3.0 Fitted Cap
    Under Armour 1305036
    Men's Blitzing 3.0 Fitted Cap
    1 Review
    $13.56 - $16.95
  10. UA Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve ShirtUA Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt
    Under Armour 1328495
    UA Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt
    2 Reviews
    $45.00 $35.95 - $36.00
  11. Tech 3 Inch Fitted Boxer BriefTech 3 Inch Fitted Boxer Brief
    Under Armour 1332662
    Tech 3 Inch Fitted Boxer Brief
    $20.00 $16.00
  12. Tall Man HeatGear Sleeveless Compression TankTall Man HeatGear Sleeveless Compression Tank
    Under Armour 1361522t
    Tall Man HeatGear Sleeveless Compression Tank
    1 Review
    $30.00 $24.00
  13. Vital Warm-Up Performance PantVital Warm-Up Performance Pant
    Under Armour 1352031
    Vital Warm-Up Performance Pant
    $40.00 $31.95 - $32.00
  14. HeatGear Compression ShortHeatGear Compression Short
    Under Armour 1361596
    HeatGear Compression Short
    $30.00 $23.95 - $24.00
  15. UA Tech 6 Inch BoxerjockUA Tech 6 Inch Boxerjock
    Under Armour 1332663
    UA Tech 6 Inch Boxerjock
    $20.00 $15.95 - $16.00
  16. Tech 9 Inch Fitted Boxer Briefs - 2 PackTech 9 Inch Fitted Boxer Briefs - 2 Pack
    Under Armour 1363622
    Tech 9 Inch Fitted Boxer Briefs - 2 Pack
    $35.00 $25.95 - $28.00
  17. HeatGear Compression T-ShirtHeatGear Compression T-Shirt
    Under Armour 1361518
    HeatGear Compression T-Shirt
    $30.00 $24.00
  18. Tech 2.0 Lightweight  HoodieTech 2.0 Lightweight  Hoodie
    Under Armour 1328703
    Tech 2.0 Lightweight Hoodie
    $40.00 $31.95 - $32.00
  19. HITT Woven Training ShortHITT Woven Training Short
    Under Armour 1361435
    HITT Woven Training Short
    $17.56 - $27.95
  20. HeatGear Long Compression Short W/PocketHeatGear Long Compression Short W/Pocket
    Under Armour 1361602
    HeatGear Long Compression Short W/Pocket
    $30.00 $20.95 - $24.00
  21. Tech 6 Inch Fitted Boxer Briefs - 2 PackTech 6 Inch Fitted Boxer Briefs - 2 Pack
    Under Armour 1363619
    Tech 6 Inch Fitted Boxer Briefs - 2 Pack
    $35.00 $25.95 - $28.00
  22. UA Tech 2.0 Performance TankUA Tech 2.0 Performance Tank
    Under Armour 1328704
    UA Tech 2.0 Performance Tank
    $25.00 $19.95 - $20.00
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Under Armour

Under Armour is not just for pro ball players and maybe the high school lacrosse team.  It's the official outfitter for many college football teams and also some professional soccer and rugby teams.  But their revolutionary moisture wicking fabric is equally suitable to the weekend (or once-in-awhile) athlete. Originally created to be worn under athletic uniforms and pads, Under Armour now makes compression shorts and sports underwear, hoodies, t-shirts, mens socks, sweatpants, back packs and more. Under Armour has grown from a couple of guys just trying to make the perfect workout shirt to the most respected name in sports apparel, athletic underwear and accessories. No matter what sport you're watching or playing you can find the UA logo that has come to represent the height of performance that the human body can achieve. Under Armour is proud to be a part of some of the most spectacular feats of athleticism in the past quarter century, whether they've been broadcast across the world, watched by your family in the stands, or are known only to you and the remote outdoors you thrive in.

Under Armour athletic underwear is a leader in the field (no pun intended), not only because of its unique characteristics that have created the performance apparel category and set the standard by which others are measured, like their four-way stretch compression fit garments and the superior moisture-wicking that defines the brand, but because Under Armour makes it easy for the consumer: Heatgear designates the apparel that you wear in the heat. Coldgear designates the apparel that you wear in the cold. That simple.

Under Armour's sports underwear includes compression boxer jocks, which come in several lengths, are lightweight and breathable, with contoured and secure support. The majority of customers that buy these performance boxer briefs and trunks aren't buying them for any kind of athletic pursuit: they're just buying them for day-to-day wear. Mens pouch underwear is an Under Armour specialty. The level of comfort this athletic underwear delivers (thanks to the fabric and fit) is easily appreciated on and off the field. They also offer several lines of athletic clothing, perfect for workouts and training, including the Twister Short and several styles of Microshort, with generous fit, superb stretch and legendary moisture wicking properties. UnderArmour also makes a performance jock with cup pocket—part of their Heatgear collection.

Underarmour t-shirts include loose short sleeve and sleeveless T's, with a generous, comfortable fit, anti-microbial properties for an odor-free workout, and Under Armor''s unique temperature regulation.

Under Armour has your feet covered, too. Their all-season Gear athletic socks are available in crew-length, low-cut and the popular no-show style. Under Armour socks include knit-in arch support, air vents, odor control, and moisture wicking to keep hard-working feet healthy and dry.

Under Armour started with the basic idea to design a t-shirt that would give compression while wicking away moisture. Founded in 1996 by a former University of Maryland football player, the brand exploded and is now a unique line of microfiber gear designed to regulate temperature and enhance performance.  Under Armour was the first to create the performance-product industry.

Under Armour fabrics are the result of innovative research and design. They are constantly engineering textile innovations and introducing new technologies to improve their products. Their mission: to make all athletes better through passion, science and the relentless pursuit of innovation.