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Why Buy Hanes?  

This beloved American brand has been dressing men in underwear, t-shirts and socks for generations. Men rely on the high-quality fabrics, comfortable construction, durability and value of the brand. Collections span a wide range of sizes and styles, so men of all shapes, sizes and taste can find exactly the right pieces. And convenient multi-packs make it easy to stock up.

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  1. Classics Broadcloth Woven Pajama SetClassics Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set
    Hanes 4016
    Classics Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set
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  2. Premium Cotton White A-Shirts - 7 PackPremium Cotton White A-Shirts - 7 Pack
    Hanes 7990w7
    Premium Cotton White A-Shirts - 7 Pack
    3 Reviews
  3. Ultimate Woven Jams - 2 PackUltimate Woven Jams - 2 Pack
    Hanes 4026a
    Ultimate Woven Jams - 2 Pack
    1 Review
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Hanes underwear for men is an American original.  Everyone knows the name and probably every guy has Hanes men's underwear, be it socks, t-shirts or just plain briefs.  The Hanes brand is popular for very simple reasons: it's a great value, the underwear is comfortable, the fabrics are quality and the styles are classic.

Unique to the Hanes men's underwear is their Hanes ComfortSoft waistband.  This waistband doesn't bite or dig in.  Rather it's extremely comfortable to wear because the elastic is wrapped in a very soft cotton.  The result is a waistband you don't even think about all day.  This ComfortSoft waistband can be found on Hanes boxers, boxer briefs and briefs.

Continuing with the ComfortSoft name, Hanes now offers ComfortSoft undershirts too. Their breathable and soft all cotton t-shirt line include the basic Hanes t silhouettes.  Hanes crewneck t-shirts may be the most popular, but you can also find Hanes v-necks, tanks and a-shirts. These Hanes t-shirts also come in fashion colors and the best-selling Beefy-T cut special for your big guy.

Hanes underwear is the king when it comes to solving a simple problem in a big way.  Just look at their tagless program.  For years,we have all suffered the annoyance and irritation of a tag at our neck - it either stuck out or scratched us along our collar line.  Than, Hanes came out with their tagless tops and bottoms.  Changing those tags to printed or embossed information on the inside of the garment became an "aha" moment for many.  So today, most people think of tagless when they think of Hanes Men's underwear.  It was a simply brilliant marketing strategy.

A key to shopping for Hanes underwear is understanding the Hanes collections for men.  First there is the Hanes classic underwear which is just that--classic.  Comfortable, cool and made in all cotton, this underwear is now tagless and sporting the ComfortSoft qualities as well.  Hanes Men's Classics underwear is always the most comfortable and of premium quality. Next you have the Hanes Tagless collection consisting of tops and bottoms without any tags anywhere.  As Hanes likes to tout, they ditched the itch. And finally, as was mentioned above, there is the Comfort Flex collection of underwear.  This group is mostly bottoms such as Hanes briefs, boxers and boxer briefs, but all have a comfort waistband that moves with you and won't pinch or bind. Hanes' mens contour pouch underwear and sports performance underwear are popular choices for men everywhere. 

The marketing strategy of multi-packs by Hanes also needs to be stressed.  They understand that men and the women who shop for them like to buy in bulk.  Why sit in a store and count out how many you want?  Instead grab a 3 pack, or 4 pack.  In fact, Hanes has make it even more simple where you can buy a week's worth of underwear in their 7 pair packs. At HisRoom we get the pack mentality too.  We go out of our way to offer many men's multi-pack underwear solutions.

Hanes® is a proud member of the Sara Lee Corporation family of brands and is the largest brand of apparel in the world. Hanes is also the underwear category leader with more than half of America owning at least one piece of Hanes underwear. It has become number one by focusing on comfort, fit, and durability.