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Men's Board Shorts

The stylish swimwear silhouette for all generations

Board shorts have become the mens swimwear of choice for most men. It might have something to do with the fact that they look just as good out of the water as in the water. The simple and to-the-point functional design has made them an instant and worthy classic of summer, and there is hardly a man out there that doesn’t have at least one pair.

The traditional boardshort is completely unlined with a rigid, fabric waistband (no elastic at all) that has exterior ties at the front. The only pocket most of them have is a cargo pocket on the side of one of the legs. Many companies have played with the traditional formula of what makes a boardshort a boardshsort-a liner here, a few elastic panels on the waistband there-, and if anything these add-ons and shifts have made it clear that people want boardshorts even when boardshorts don’t give them everything they want. The look and appeal of boardshorts know no bounds, and there are as many varieties as there are beaches to where them on. Find your pair today at HisRoom!