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  1. Fashion Cozy Fleece Pajama PantFashion Cozy Fleece Pajama Pant
    Nautica kp01f1
    Fashion Cozy Fleece Pajama Pant
    $40.00 $14.99
  2. Tropical Print Swim TrunkTropical Print Swim Trunk
    Nautica t15009
    Tropical Print Swim Trunk
    $50.00 $24.99
  3. Poly Brushed Plush RobePoly Brushed Plush Robe
    Nautica kr01f1
    Poly Brushed Plush Robe
    $65.00 $39.95
  4. Knit Ribbed Cuff Lounge PantKnit Ribbed Cuff Lounge Pant
    Nautica k53795
    Knit Ribbed Cuff Lounge Pant
    $59.50 $46.95
  5. Pique Cotton Short Sleeve Deck PoloPique Cotton Short Sleeve Deck Polo
    Nautica k51701
    Pique Cotton Short Sleeve Deck Polo
    $59.50 $39.95 - $46.95
  6. Anchor Print 8 Inch Swim TrunkAnchor Print 8 Inch Swim Trunk
    Nautica t81111
    Anchor Print 8 Inch Swim Trunk
    $19.99 - $24.99
  7. Anchor Cotton Knit ShortAnchor Cotton Knit Short
    Nautica kh00f5
    Anchor Cotton Knit Short
    3 Reviews
    $30.00 $24.00
  8. Solid Shawl RobeSolid Shawl Robe
    Nautica kr00f0
    Solid Shawl Robe
    $75.00 $29.99
  9. Tall Man Quick Dry Swim TrunkTall Man Quick Dry Swim Trunk
    Nautica fy0110t
    Tall Man Quick Dry Swim Trunk
    $50.00 $24.99
  10. Ripstop Cargo ShortRipstop Cargo Short
    Nautica 4b4700
    Ripstop Cargo Short
    $59.00 $46.95
  11. Anchor 100% Cotton Plaid Sleep PantAnchor 100% Cotton Plaid Sleep Pant
    Nautica wp43s5
    Anchor 100% Cotton Plaid Sleep Pant
    1 Review
    $39.00 $31.20
  12. Cotton V-Neck T-Shirts - 3 PackCotton V-Neck T-Shirts - 3 Pack
    Nautica y60310
    Cotton V-Neck T-Shirts - 3 Pack
    1 Review
    $39.00 $16.99
  13. Anchor Cotton Crew Neck T-ShirtAnchor Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
    Nautica ks00f5
    Anchor Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
    $30.00 $24.00
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When the weather warms up, the first thing we pull out of the drawer is a pair of shorts. For casual wear, and workouts, start with the right style. Drawstring shorts are popular for both their casual style and comfort. What could be a easier than a waistband that adjusts with a drawstring? For activities like golf, a tailored pair of lightweight shorts is just the thing. Add side pockets and small hidden key pockets and you're hands-free all day. When the temperature heats up, whether on the basketball court or anywhere else you break a sweat, mesh shorts will keep you cool. Open mesh on the outside and breathable fabric lining wicks away moisture. Mesh activewear is typically made of nylon, which is soft, lightweight and hard-wearing. For serious rigorous activity, many men prefer compression shorts. Compression aids muscle performance and reduces fatigue, and the high-tech fabric is breathable and smooth.