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Tight briefs and more exotic mens underwear are not for everyone or every occasion. Sometimes you just want to wear a comfortable pair of boxers. Men's boxer shorts have come a long way since the overly-roomy white standard issue of years ago. HisRoom carries men's boxers in all-cotton as well as silk, microfiber, cotton jersey, and other fabrics.

Men's Boxers come in styles to suit every wardrobe. 2xist's button-fly boxers hug the thigh to keep a trim silhouette while still offering plenty of room. Calvin Klein's cotton knit boxer is a classic, designed to avoid riding up and with added detailing. At HisRoom, you'll also find boxers by Tommy Hilfiger, Zimmerli, Mansilk, Hanes and many other men's underwear brands.

Go High-Style in Mens Boxers

- Sometimes classic isn't what you're looking for and HisRoom carries men's boxer styles that make a statement. Feeling a little preppie? Try Ecko's plaid boxers in a variety of colorways. Functional fly boxers are an option, too. We carry them in many brands, including 2xist button-fly boxers, Calvin Klein cotton knit boxers, and Intimo's silk boxers.

Calvin Klein's knit boxer is a good choice when you're looking for something with a slimmer fit and colorful style. The prints are fun without being over-the-top. For value, you might consider multi-pack men's boxers. HisRoom carries multi-packs from Hanes and wells as RIPS RGBB woven boxers. Whatever your preferred men's underwear style, boxers these days are so varied in cut and style, that you're sure to find a new favorite.

Boxer Shorts

- "So, boxers or briefs?" This question was made famous when asked of Clinton in an early primary. FYI, he answered briefs. But the question caused quite a stir. America found that there is a very loyal majority of men who wear woven boxer shorts every day. Today, this base is eroding with all the new style options. But despite the abundance of styles, men still want their boxer shorts. And here's why. They are a guy's loungewear. Should the doorbell ring or you need to run to your car, if you're wearing a pair of boxer shorts, you feel covered. However, not so if wearing tightie whities. Boxer shorts have really become acceptable to wear The boxer shorts guy isn't looking for support. He wants a relaxed and non-binding fit. He also isn't interested in showing off his physic either. So, if you're this guy, there are some great boxers to look for at HisRoom.

Let's run down the list.

2xist boxers

- This brand is really responsible for leading the charge in new men's underwear styles. The contour pouch was first shown by 2xist. In boxer shorts, they created low-rise woven boxers to accommodate today's low-rise jeans. They took soft pima cotton knit, and fashioned boxers traditionally styled in woven fabric. The result is a relaxed, stretchy and comfortable non-binding fit. 2xist gives a guy classic boxer style in great innovative fabrics.

Calvin Klein boxers

- CK has a classic boxer fit. The Calvin Klein collection of boxers includes 100% Cotton boxers, and Pima Cotton. Their cotton knit boxers aren't loose fitting like other boxers, but rather more body conscious. But, because they are knit, they have give. So, if you're wearing slimmer trousers, these Calvin Klein boxers will slip underneath without causing bulk.

Silk boxer

- Guys love soft. And, there is just something sexy and luxurious against the skin when wearing silk boxers. Our collection of silk boxers runs the full range. We have Mansilk that is machine washable and available in a variety of colors and prints. Intimo is a line with great pricing. Majestic is a little heavier silk boxer with brilliant colors. And Handsome Smooths, though not silk, have a silky hand.

Hanes boxer

- Hanes has made a major impact on the men's underwear market by creating tagless underwear. This, along with Magic Johnson and Kevin bacon has turned Hanes and Hanes boxers into an American basic. Having said that, Hanes boxers may be a quick multi-pack purchase, but they are far from the most comfortable. Yes, Hanes boxer shorts have the ComfortSoft waistband, and are made in cotton, but you get what you pay for. If great softness, style, and fashion are what you're looking for, Hanes boxers are not your answer.

Tommy Hilfiger boxers

- Tommy Hilfiger underwear for men is designed around the spirit of the American Dream. This spirit is never more obvious than on the Tommy Hilfiger boxer. Their boxer shorts range from solid, bold stripes in red, white and blue. They are so patriotic; you have to suppress an urge to salute! Tommy Hilfiger boxers specialize in cotton knit fabrication. This cotton knit allows full movement in these boxers, and with their loose fit, Hilfiger boxer shorts make for a great lounge short.

Mens boxers are a men's underwear silhouette classic. In fact, many women have now started buying and borrowing boxer shorts to wear as casual wear too. HisRoom has "girl-friendly" shots on many of our men's underwear styles. That's right, girls wearing guy's underwear! Look for them when checking out the images. And, shop at HisRoom and qualify for Free Shipping on men's boxers!

With so many boxer brands and styles out there, how to choose? Take a look at the Undies Award winners to see the most popular styles, as voted for by men everywhere. This annual program gives consumers the final say on the best of the best. See the Undies Award winners for best woven boxer and knit boxer as well as HisRoom "select" choices. While you're there, let your opinion count by voting in the next Undies Awards.