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This popular lifestyle brand stands out for its modern, lively easy to wear gear. The underwear collection takes it a step further. Now men can have up-to-the-minute styles in wild colors, with that distinctive logo. Ultra-soft cotton and modal blends have all the comfort you want in boxers, boxer briefs and trunks. Enjoy the quality and comfort and have some fun expressing yourself with Diesel.

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Men wearing Diesel underwear stand out from the crowd. Diesel fashions are known for being different and offering men a great alternative to the boring white undies of yesterday. Why should women have all of the fun designs? Men can have fashionable underwear, too! Diesel is a leader in innovating new styles, using new fabrics and bringing a high quality control to guarantee a great product. Diesel underwear brings exotic designs, bright colors and of course, their boisterous logo to men's styles. Hisroom.com also carries Diesel sleepwear, swimwear and t-shirts.

Diesel began in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. Rosso had a vision to create something different for men's underwear fashions. He surrounded himself with designers that thought out of the box and made unique pieces. The brand stands for passion, individuality and self-expression. One thing special about Diesel, it is pronounced the same all over the globe. Diesel not only offers menswear, but also accessories, children's clothing, women's clothing, and the most famous of all – jeans. Diesel is present in over 80 countries and growing.

Diesel features unique, neat collections. One of the most popular is the Fresh and Light collection. Wild oranges, stripes, neon pinks and bright purple make up the colors in this collection. Diesel's Occupational Hazard collection has wild prints and sayings on the briefs made of cotton and spandex. Of course, you can always go classic with the Essentials collection. It features white t-shirts and briefs made of classic cotton. Customers say all of the collections offer a breathable, comfortable fit. The sleep pants are a hit with men as they are made of 100% woven cotton. They all have special patterns and are built longer for men. Diesel products are so soft that they often feel as if you have nothing on.

Because of its innovative designs, Diesel has won many awards. The Boxer Brief won the Hisroom.com Undie Awards Judges Selection in 2009. In 1996, the brand was awarded the Premio Risultat award from the Bocconi Institute in Milan for "Best Italian Company of the Year.” Rosso was also named in British music magazine "Select" as one of the "100 Most Important People in the World.”

Diesel is winning awards, creating amazing pieces of clothing and also gives back to the world. Since 2002 the company has been driving its attention to endorsing young music talent by sponsoring the Diesel-U-Music Contest. Artists are encouraged to participate in a chance to be seen and heard by many in the world of music. The brand is also involved with Vienna's Life Ball AIDS charity. Their webpage even gives you a link to help the OTBF, Only The Brave Foundation.

Diesel stands out from the crowd in many ways. Men wearing the bright boxers, briefs and boxer briefs know they are wearing a sexy little secret. Expressing yourself can be done in so many ways, why not do it with your underwear? Men are men, they might not notice the silky soft fabric, but they will notice the wild designs that give them a wild confidence to face the world.