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Men's Shapewear T-shirts

Look Slim and trim

This category offers the most options for men when it comes to shapewear. Need to mold your midsection? Torso need torquing? Don’t love your lovehandles? Not to worry, you can find the perfect solution in HisRoom’s mens shapewear department. 

No matter what kind of undershirt you typically wear, whether crewneck or v-neck or tank, there is an option for you. Mens Shapewear t-shirts mold to and modify your body with a smooth, seamless outward appearance. The only thing people will notice are the results, which can be significant. Some t-shirts accomplish their affect through fabric, while others have specially woven portions that are designed to condense and support where you need it most.

The newly introduced 2(x)ist Form Tank is designed to work your upper and lower torso, but can be worn with either the Form brief or Form trunk for more intense support and control around your abdominal area. Clever underwear offers both full pullover shapewear tanks and shapewear vests that feature hook and zipper closures at the front. These have been some of our earliest and most popular shapewear options. Whether you’re ready to embrace shapewear or have been thinking about it, but don’t want to try anything too drastic, you can find a t-shirt option that is exactly what you’re looking for. HisRoom offers many different fabric blends and styles. Start looking today!