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Men's Jockstraps

Whether you’re thinking of going to the gym, hitting the local trail for a jog, or gearing up to train for a triathlon, you should definitely consider wearing men’s jockstrap underwear. Wearing a jockstrap has multiple advantages – from comfort and functionality to style and visible enhancement.

Why wear a jockstrap?
Think of the movement involved in jumping up and down, running, moving side-to-side, and repeating different strenuous motions multiple times. Now think of doing all that while wearing your regular loose-fitting boxers or everyday briefs. Ouch, right? If you’re going to be moving around, you’re going to feel it – and you’ll need more support than you get from your normal underwear to keep you supported and keep everything in place and protected during your workout. This is where the jockstrap comes in.

What is a jockstrap?
The jockstrap is a form of men’s underwear that is worn to protect and support your manhood from the various potential harms that can happen as a result of rigorous physical activity. Men’s jockstraps are designed with three key parts:
1. A protective pouch in the front designed to provide the maximum amount of support and protect your most sensitive area from potential injury.
2. An elastic waistband designed to provide the maximum amount of support for lifting the front pouch up and into a protective, isolated state.
3. Leg bands designed to keep the jockstrap in place while also lifting the rear upwards for a pleasing profile.

The advantages of wearing a jockstrap
Men’s jockstraps are a functional fix for any man’s athletic wardrobe. Here are just a few of the advantages of wearing a jockstrap.

  • Support and protection of manhood
  • Protective cup provides the safety and separation needed while performing rigorous physical activity
  • Leg bands help lift and shape the buttocks
  • Maximum ventilation of the open rear helps prevent excess sweating and rashes

Perfect for athletic men who work out at the gym or participate in higher impact physical activities, men’s jockstrap underwear is a popular solution designed to meet every man’s athletic support needs. Most athletic jockstraps are made with smooth, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that will keep you cool and dry even during the most strenuous activity. Whether you need light support for lighter impact physical activities or need intense support for more highly involved sports, there is a variety of jockstraps for you to choose from.

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