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Why Buy BIKE?  

Bike has been making jockstraps and cups for generations. Chances are that if you've played a sport that requires one, whether in middle school, high school, college, or professionally, you've probably worn a Bike cup at some point in your life. There's not much to it (just some elastic bands and a pouch), but it makes all the difference out on the field thanks to its support and wicking power.

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Any young man who grew up playing sports must be familiar with the BIKE brand. The Bike Athletic Company, which was founded in 1874 as the BIKE Web Company, invented what was then called the jockey strap. It was designed to protect 'bicycle jockeys' who rode over the rough cobblestone streets of Boston. The name was eventually shortened to 'jock strap'  and to many men and boys, it's just called BIKE.

The number one brand in protection and performance gear for men, BIKE has a brand awareness of more than half the men surveyed. It's also well-known and respected by almost all coaches across the U.S. While compression shorts have gained in popularity (and BIKE offers them too), the physical benefits of jock straps are now well-known. Because of their cooling properties and the fact that a jockstrap lifts a man's genitals away from the body, testicles maintain a cool temperature, allowing effective production and maintenance of sperm.

With its logo front and center--boldly visible--BIKE earned and has maintained instant recognition. Over the last 150 years or so, BIKE has sold more than three hundred and fifty million jockstraps, making it number one in locker rooms everywhere. Other locker room staples have come and gone, but BIKE is still the brand most likely to be seen on locker room benches (and floors).

Today BIKE offers varied styles. Popular items include cotton strap supporters for boys, which provide support and comfort.  The Elite jock includes a cup designed to highest technical standards for protection. The boys' Performance Elite Boxer comes with a protective cup that provides maximum protection for athletes in high-impact sports. Combined with high-tech materials, these boxers help fight against fatigue and muscle strain. Like other BIKE products, the boxers are antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. Mothers, who are usually the ones who buy jock straps for their sons, love this brand. They say that BIKE is the only brand their sons will wear and that their boys appreciate the moisture-wicking and the lack of oddly placed seams, as well as the protection.

BIKE's high-impact performance boxers are available for both men and boys. They combine the best of compression technology with a maximum protection cup. The sport short has two-way stretch which provides uniform support  to muscles. They fit cleanly under uniforms and workout gear. Men's products also include a high-performance cotton strap supporter that is lightweight and breathable, yet still offers sturdy support. Men tell us the fit is perfect and that BIKE products hold up wash after wash. They are also some of the most reasonably priced products on the market. The men's Performance Elite combo boxer comes with a Proflex cup and provides maximum protection for all impact sports.

All of BIKE's athletic support sports underwear and jockstraps enjoy the best reputation in the market. The first word that comes to the minds of athletes and coaches alike when they describe BIKE is 'protection.' And nothing could be more important than that.