Magic Silk

Why Buy Magic Silk?  

If you love the feel of silk, but want a better fit than a pair of boxers can provide, then you're in luck. Magic Silk offers knit, 100% silk products to combine the softness, light feel, and durability of silk with a stretch fit that virtually disappears underneath pants and jeans. You can find this fabric in every underwear silhouette, as well as lounge pants. It's sexy, it's soft, it's silk, and it stretches. 

11 Items

  1. 100% Silk Knit Men's Bikini Brief100% Silk Knit Men's Bikini Brief
    Magic Silk 6606
    100% Silk Knit Men's Bikini Brief
    29 Reviews
  2. 100% Silk Knit Low Rise Bikini100% Silk Knit Low Rise Bikini
    Magic Silk 6386
    100% Silk Knit Low Rise Bikini
    5 Reviews
  3. 100% Silk Knit Jockstrap100% Silk Knit Jockstrap
    Magic Silk 4086
    100% Silk Knit Jockstrap
    22 Reviews
  4. 100% Silk Knit Men's Pouch Thong100% Silk Knit Men's Pouch Thong
    Magic Silk 4506
    100% Silk Knit Men's Pouch Thong
    8 Reviews
  5. 100% Silk Knit Micro Thong100% Silk Knit Micro Thong
    Magic Silk 4586
    100% Silk Knit Micro Thong
    17 Reviews
  6. 100% Silk Knit Large Pouch Brief100% Silk Knit Large Pouch Brief
    Magic Silk 7006
    100% Silk Knit Large Pouch Brief
    10 Reviews
  7. 100% Silk Knit MicroThong100% Silk Knit MicroThong
    Magic Silk 4306
    100% Silk Knit MicroThong
    6 Reviews
  8. 100% Silk Knit Button Boxer Brief100% Silk Knit Button Boxer Brief
    Magic Silk 6786
    100% Silk Knit Button Boxer Brief
    5 Reviews
  9. 100% Silk Knit Men's G-String100% Silk Knit Men's G-String
    Magic Silk 2706
    100% Silk Knit Men's G-String
    20 Reviews
  10. 100% Silk Knit Lounge Pants100% Silk Knit Lounge Pants
    Magic Silk 1886
    100% Silk Knit Lounge Pants
    2 Reviews
  11. 100% Silk Knit Panel Short100% Silk Knit Panel Short
    Magic Silk 6886
    100% Silk Knit Panel Short
    5 Reviews
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Magic Silk

Silk is a fantastic fabric. It's so soft that if any other fabric is really soft it is compared to silk. And silk is much more durable than most think. People have enjoyed silk clothing for years, but when it comes to underwear men have only been able to enjoy silk boxers with very few other options. Magic Silk has built its reputation and presence in the mens underwear market by knitting silk with enough stretch to give you the fit you look for in men's other underwear styles. Magic Silk has been making mens underwear from stretch 100% silk fabric since 1992. Customers know and trust this brand to deliver quality, comfortable briefs, trunks and boxer briefs at a great price.

Mens underwear afficionados also know that they can count on Magic Silk to deliver trendy, cutting-edge style. The silk knit line has very European flair, with very sexy styles in briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. Magic Silk is always innovating its product line of underwear for men to give you the latest and greatest. Their sexy 100% silk knit bikini brief has a high cut leg for a very sexy look, and their knit panel short looks like your favorite sexy trunk in 100% silk that stretches!

If fit matters to you in your underwear, if softness matters to you in your underwear, then there really is no reason you shouldn't try Magic Silk, and if you have already you should try their mens underwear selection again. Magic Silk is always improving their style and their manufacturing to give you only the most cutting-edge, high-quality silk underwear selection possible. Experience the magic of Magic Silk at HisRoom!