Junk Underjeans Clothing for Men
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JUNK Underjeans is quickly becoming one of the most popular men's fashion underwear lines to debut in the last few years. JUNK's dedication to quality, comfort, fit, fun and affordability definitely makes them easy to love, but the distinctive look of their designs doesn't hurt either. Louise Lai and Sean Gregg have been infusing Junk Underjeans with their design expertise since they founded the brand in 2009. Both partners bring their ability to craft underwear that is practical and comfortable, but definitely not boring. Even the basics stand out from the pack of other men's underwear brands. They want your first choice when you reach into your underwear drawer to always be a pair of JUNK Underjeans.

The brand keeps the quality level high by focusing on production like almost no other. JUNK Underjeans manufactures their briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, thongs and jocks themselves in their own facilities under the watchful eye of a high level staff of quality assurance experts. Everything from the stitching, to the color and softness of the fabric is carefully examined before a product gets the green light.

JUNK Underjeans has experienced several years now of continuous growth and success, which lets them know that they're on the right track and gives them the freedom to keep looking for the next big thing in men's underwear. In stock fashion basics and unique collection offerings have both been popular with underwear fans. Bright colors, on-trend looks, wicking properties and stretch fabrics have all been well received. Each collection has been more popular than the last, so JUNK Underjeans is just going to keep making things their way, because that's the way guys seem to like it.