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  1. Classic Fit 100% Cotton Crew T-Shirts - 6 PackClassic Fit 100% Cotton Crew T-Shirts - 6 Pack
    Jockey 9100
    Classic Fit 100% Cotton Crew T-Shirts - 6 Pack
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    $59.00 $31.95
  2. Jockey Pouch Midway Briefs - 2 PackJockey Pouch Midway Briefs - 2 Pack
    Jockey 1147
    Jockey Pouch Midway Briefs - 2 Pack
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    $25.00 $12.95
  3. Low Rise Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief - 3 PackLow Rise Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief - 3 Pack
    Jockey 8785
    Low Rise Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief - 3 Pack
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    $34.00 $19.95
  4. Big Man Stay Cool Plus Mid Boxer Brief - 2 PackBig Man Stay Cool Plus Mid Boxer Brief - 2 Pack
    Jockey 8105b
    Big Man Stay Cool Plus Mid Boxer Brief - 2 Pack
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    $30.00 $15.95
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The core of Jockey's ethos has been the bedrock of the company for close to two centuries. "Satisfying the Human Need for Comfort" has been at the heart of each step forward for Jockey as they've introduced new and innovative products that have kept them at the forefront of the underwear industry and made them one of the most trusted and sought after brands in the marketplace. The Jockey product line ranges from underwear - such as briefs, boxers and boxer briefs - to sleepwear, socks, thermals and loungewear. Each of these diverse categories is a showcase for Jockey's attention to detail and high standards of quality.

Stylish function has always been a major part of Jockey's DNA. They have set trends time and time again in the men's underwear world, and it's no surprise considering that Jockey created many of the ubiquitous features, styles and silhouettes in men's underwear. They're so common today it's impossible to think of men's underwear without them. The big leap forward for men and for Jockey came in the 1930's with the introduction of the men's brief. It was inspired by a man's bathing suit on a postcard from the French Riviera, but the truly inspired feature of the brief became one of Jockey's most iconic signatures. The "Y-front" fly on the brief offered the convenience of access, but also gave men a greater degree of support and hold for better comfort throughout the day.

Jockey has taken that approach and applied to all of its underwear. In addition to the standard-setting Y-Front there is a horizontal fly option, and a more traditional fly-front. Mens pouch underwear will always be popular, and Jockey supplies them in great basic and fashion colors, in flyless and functional fly styles. They've also embraced a variety of different fabric types. You can get the same level of comfort you want from Jockey with performance features. Jockey offers briefs, thongs, string bikinis, bikinis, trunks, boxer briefs, boxers, and longer leg mid-briefs. Why do they offer so many styles? Because Jockey is passionately committed to men's comfort, and they offer whichever underwear silhouette you find comfortable. It's been their mission from the beginning. HisRoom is proud to offer Jockey underwear. Buy with confidence!


When the weather warms up, the first thing we pull out of the drawer is a pair of shorts. For casual wear, and workouts, start with the right style. Drawstring shorts are popular for both their casual style and comfort. What could be a easier than a waistband that adjusts with a drawstring? For activities like golf, a tailored pair of lightweight shorts is just the thing. Add side pockets and small hidden key pockets and you're hands-free all day. When the temperature heats up, whether on the basketball court or anywhere else you break a sweat, mesh shorts will keep you cool. Open mesh on the outside and breathable fabric lining wicks away moisture. Mesh activewear is typically made of nylon, which is soft, lightweight and hard-wearing. For serious rigorous activity, many men prefer compression shorts. Compression aids muscle performance and reduces fatigue, and the high-tech fabric is breathable and smooth.