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Men's Thongs

Thongs aren't just for women anymore. Men's thongs are available in so many styles that you may just find one you want to try. Keep in mind that, while thongs can be very comfortable, they provide only aesthetic, not athletic, support.

Thong Styles and Fabrics

Manufacturers are producing thongs in a variety of fabrics, ranging from good old cotton to microfiber, silk, even see-through and mesh fabrics. Both style and fabric will determine how much or how little you put on display.

At HisRoom, we carry many thong styles, including Y-back, seamless, and low-rise thongs from a variety of brands, including 2xist, C-in2, Calvin Klein, Mansilk, and Zimmerli.

Mens Thong underwear... why?

Okay, we get it. Most men when thinking of a male thong first think "ouch," then ask "why?" Well, here's a fact: sales of men's thongs have only increased in recent years. So, more and more men are wearing them. Here's why. First, like women, men can have underwear lines - especially with the tighter men's pants on the market today. A man thong eliminates those lines. Second, a thong gives a man support right where he needs it in the most minimalist way. Next, a male thong is really comfortable when you get one that fits properly. And finally, man thongs are sexy. Not on every man, but on men that are in pretty good shape, most women find them exciting. So there you have it - the reasons to consider wearing a man thong.

Mens thongs are becoming quite mainstream. Most of the major men's underwear brands offer a thong silhouette. Here are some of our most popular brands:

2xist Thongs

- The 2xist man thong has the unique y-back design. As you bend over, or sit, this unique design prevents the pouch from being pulled.

C-IN2 Thongs

- When the designer of 2xist moved and started the C-in2 label, he brought this male thong style with him and changed the y-back design to incorporate elastic for even more adjustability as a guy bends and moves throughout the day.

Magic Silk Thongs

- If you want to feel sexy in a manly kind of way, Mansilk male thongs will get you there. Not only are they super soft and comfortable, but they come in a great selection of colors. And, because these man thongs are made in natural silk, they breathe and temperature regulate.

Papi male Thong

- Always the fashion-conscious brand, Papi thongs are cut to be low riding to wear under low-cut jeans and pants. Made in a cotton and spandex, blend, this thong is very comfortable.

Grigioperla & Zimmerli Man Thongs

- These thongs are considered the best men's thongs on the market. Made in the best fabrics, they feel like a second skin. And their design is slick and flattering.

So now, armed with all this thong information, why not give one a try? Check out HisRoom's edited selection of men's thongs and qualify for Free Shipping today.

Now that you've decided to give thongs a try, or, if you're trying to choose the best jock strap, want some help making a selection? Then take a look at the Undies Award winners to see what's been voted the best thong and jock by men everywhere. This annual program gives consumers chance to vote on their favorite styles, selecting the best of the best. And remember to vote on your favorite styles in the next Undies award campaign

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