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Men's Socks

At HisRoom, we have men's socks for work, play and just to walk around in. Men's sock choices are now vast and combine performance, comfort and durability. They also come in convenient multi-packs. Men's athletic socks not only absorb moisture, but also absorb shock and can reduce odor. Athletic socks are now performance socks as well. For those non-scheduled times when you want to relax, casual socks are perfect for year-round comfort and go with almost any casual shoe. Casual socks include crew socks and ankle socks. Men's dress socks come in many heights and weights. They are the perfect accessory to finish off a well-polished suited look.

Our men's socks come in brands you know and trust like Wigwam and Gold Toe. But we also offer socks by 2xist, Calvin Klein, Panterella and Puma. Like it or not, a guy needs a sock wardrobe because there is no one sock style that works for every occasion. This is why HisRoom offers a great selection in convenient multi-packs to give you color variety and value. Our men's socks will make sure your feet are well dressed with comfort and style, but also with enough variety to show off your personal style.

Athletic Socks

- It used to be that tube socks were the only athletic socks available to men. Those classic white socks were it. Well no more. Athletic socks today are also so varied and sport specific, that they are also known as performance socks. There is now a sports sock specific to every sport.

An athletic sock is one that is comfortable, absorbent, breathable and possibly padded. This sock category comes in a range of styles including crew socks, ankle socks, runner socks, hiking socks, wool socks and quarter socks.

Why wear an athletic sock over an everyday sock? Well the answer is performance. Just as you have running shoes and hiking shoes, so should you have athletic socks that are designed for each specific sport. For example, this sock category keeps fabric to a minimum - you don't see performance knee high socks. The one exception would be hiking socks. In this case, coverage is important. So, a good wool sock that is thick and covers the leg is preferable.

Sports socks have weaves to help ventilate your feet to keep them dry in your athletic shoe. Special stitching at the toe prevents rubbing and irritation. And, there are different thicknesses and fabric contents based on the needs of the sport and its unique footwear. At HisRoom, we have a very carefully selected collection of athletic socks to meet all your needs. Some of our brands include Wigwam, 2xist, Gold Toe, Puma and Calvin Klein. And some come in convenient and economical multi-packs.

Casual Socks

- This type of sock has one goal - to give you all day comfort. To that end, casual men's socks can be crew , argyle or cushioned socks. The point is to be less sporty, show a little flair, and cover up the appropriate amount of leg for the outfit you are wearing. For example, if wearing a boat shoe, a crew length sock works with long pants. It does not work with shorts. A low rider sock style or ankle socks works better if leg is going to be seen.

Color also plays an important role. Casual does not mean white socks. This is a major fashion faux pas and leaves others with the impression that you're a hayseed. It's always safer to have a darker colored sock than the color of your pants - even in a casual setting. At HisRoom, we offer a great selection of multi pack and 3-pack casual socks in a nice selection of colors. Pick up a few of these in a couple of silhouettes, and you're sure to have the right casual socks for any weekend outfit. Again, look at Calvin Klein, 2xist, Gold Toe and Wigwam brands for a great selection of casual socks.

Dress Socks

- The ideal finishing touch to a man's suit. The right dress sock will complement a dress shoe and give an air of sophistication if chosen correctly.

At HisRoom, we are proud to offer Pantherella dress socks. These handsome dress socks are made of high quality wool and are the ultimate men's dress socks. Pantherella socks are made in England. They are hand-finished and made from the finest fibers. This brand is where you can find not only the finest men's socks, but also over-the-calf dress socks.

For more economical dress socks, Gold Toe and Calvin Klein socks are good choices. They offer style and comfort to your business attire.

White Socks

- For many men, their white socks are their go-to for every outfit. Clearly this is a mistake. However, the white sock does have its place in men's fashion. For example, sports where a white athletic shoe is worn demands the wearing of white socks. Can you imagine a basketball player wearing black socks or colored socks in the gym? Neither can we. White socks that are ankle height are now acceptable to wear with boat shoe styles.

White socks are no longer just tube socks either. They may all be white, but athletic white socks now come in a variety of lengths, fabrics and styles. So, the point here is this; white socks on men are not bad as long as they are worn correctly and at the appropriate time.

Shop for men's socks and men's underwear at HisRoom and receive free shipping. We have the perfect pair of socks for any activity you do.

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