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“Most socks are made in a fabric blend in order to receive the benefits of each fiber. Here is a list of fibers typically found in socks, and their qualities.";

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Sock Fibers

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Acrylic fibers are warm and lightweight. Acrylic keeps its shape well and is able to wick perspiration away from the foot. Other properties include resilience, softness, easy care, minimal shrinkage, and rich coloration.


Cotton is soft and heat-resistant. It absorbs moisture from the foot, is breathable and provides shock absorbency.


Linen is strong, durable and yet lightweight. It is able to absorb moisture. Linen is most often added to socks to increase their strength.


Nylon is famous for its strength, abrasion resistance, soft hand, dimensional stability, elasticity and easy-washing and quick drying. It is used in men's dress socks, and as reinforcement with other fibers. It is a durable, shrink-resistant fiber often used in blends to add stretch and strength to socks.


Polyester has excellent wash ability and is quick-drying. It is easily dyeable as well. Polyester is used in men's dress socks and in decorative applications.


Rayon has a soft hand, high moisture absorbency, washability, and is easily dyed.


Silk is soft, lightweight and adds luster.

Spandex (Elastane)

Spandex stretches to more than 5 times its relaxed length and fully recovers to its original size. Spandex is widely used in sock tops for "stay up" power. It also provides good size ranges, improved fit and added comfort.


Wool provides warmth, sturdiness and durability. It has a crisp, resilient hand and excellent insulating properties.