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Men’s Shapewear

Slimming and smoothing is not just a woman's domain. Men's shapewear is becoming more popular as men seek to present a great silhouette and have their clothes fit better. Some men's shapewear, like waist cinchers, have been around for a while. But there are also new concepts in men's shapewear - like tanks, trunks and briefs that effortlessly slim and smooth your physique. Brands like 2(x)ist and Leo have developed pieces that have revolutionized the market for men's shapewear.

Shapewear tank tops
Shapewear tanks, with their close fit and no sleeves, are ideal under fitted shirts and tees. With shirts fitting closer to the body, a shapewear tank top is an effective way to streamline your look. Shapewear tanks work the same way as some athletic clothing does, with compression that has both style and health benefits. Many men report that shapewear tanks improve their posture and give support to core muscles. Not to mention, they also create a slimmer and trimmer silhouette. Some shapewear tanks look just like more conventional tanks but are made of a stretch microfiber fabric that gives you a smooth, lean appearance.
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Shapewear T-shirts
Like tanks, shapewear T-shirts work by compression. They have a “second-skin” feel that, while it may take a few minutes to get used to, ultimately feels very comfortable. Shapewear T-shirts prevent the bunching up of traditional T-shirts while firming the chest and narrowing the stomach. A shapewear T-shirt will look just like a regular tee under your clothing, but with the added benefit of improving your posture, wicking away moisture and firming up your torso and midriff.
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Shapewear briefs
In principle, shapewear briefs work just like athletic wear, offering moisture wicking and compression support. But shapewear briefs include a contour pouch that both improves support and enhances the profile. Shapewear briefs may also have wide waistbands that streamline the waist and smooth out love handles.
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Shapewear trunks
Shapewear trunks are perfect for men who prefer trunks and boxers, but want a slimmer look without the fabric bulk. Like shapewear briefs, trunks, which can be long-leg or mid-thigh, offer contour support pouches with the added benefit of streamlining the silhouette while smoothing the hips and thighs. And, as with any compression garment, shapewear trunks offer core support, moisture wicking, and breathability.
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