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Men's Underwear - it's what we do! HisRoom has the top brands and the latest fashion in men's boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, Trunks, Thongs, Tees and more. Read More>

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Lucky Clover Stretch Boxer Brief 171UH01
Clover/Dress Blue Jet Black
$19.50 Now: $9.95
Lucky 171UH01 reviews
Perry Ellis Luxe Solid Boxer Short 163009
Red Navy Charcoal Black
$22.00 Now: $15.40
Perry Ellis 163009 reviews
Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief - 3 Pack NU2666
White Black/Blue/Colbalt Stripe/Blue/Amaranth Blue Multi Grey Multi Blk/Skyview/Satelite Black Blue/Malbec/Tranquil Blue/Stripe/Amaranth robin/windy/mistral yucca/blue/blue stripe yucca/story/blue
$42.50 - $27.95
(some colors on sale)
Calvin Klein NU2666 reviews
Izod Men's Woven Boxers - 3 Pack 181WB15
Blue/Print/Monaco Turkish/Red/Blue Estate Blue/Sea/Plaid
$24.00 Now: $16.80
Izod 181WB15 reviews
Calvin Klein Cotton Classic Basic Briefs - 4 Pack u4000
White Black/Blue/Sea/Navy Blue/Sea/Navy/Amaranth Grey/White/White/Black White/Blue/Sea/Navy Navy/Blue/Water/Blue Multi Heather Grey black multi Black
$39.50 - $27.95
(some colors on sale)
Calvin Klein u4000 reviews
Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Low Rise Trunk - 3 Pack NU2664
White Black/Blue/Colbalt Stripe/Blue/Amaranth Blue Multi Grey Multi Black Multi Blk/Blue/Amaranth Blk/Skyview/Satelite Black blue/pink/multi Blue/Stripe/Amaranth CastroBlueStripeFervnt robin/windy/mistral yucca/blue/blue stripe yucca/story/blue
$42.50 - $24.95
(some colors on sale)
Calvin Klein NU2664 reviews

Men's Underwear

OK, we know buying underwear isn't at the top of your "get it done today" list, but maybe it should be. First of all - didn't your mother ever tell you to always wear clean underwear? Listen to your mother - if your underwear collection is over 6 months old (we know it is) you should replace it all immediately, 'nuf said.

And by the way, who's buying your underwear? If it's your mate, they know best what they like for you (and them) - probably something practical like boxer briefs or trunks. If you're buying for yourself - shop to impress. Many brands are offering styles and colors your mother might not approve of - but, others might. Men's underwear colors range from aqua to orange and everything in between. If you're really out to impress, try one of our mens thongs.

Hello! - there's a difference between regular underwear and activewear. Not only will you look silly wearing a regular T-Shirt for a workout, you're giving up the technical benefits of today's high performance fabrics. (Hint: Try one of these Under Armour T-Shirts). And BTW, a pair of briefs is NOT an athletic supporter. Real activewear, like Under Armour is a workout-trendy, technically savvy choice for the gym. Under Armour Heatgear for a workout; Under Armour Coldgear for winter activities.

Finally, we don't pretend to know the answer to the question "boxers or briefs?" Women seem to be fascinated by the question, but it's really the difference between "freedom" and "support." Boxers are a little more versatile - you could retrieve the morning newspaper without raising too many eyebrows, but don't try that in a pair of briefs. For classic designs, take a look at Calvin Klein Boxers. Boxer briefs are the best of both worlds - traditional elastic waist with a longer leg.

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