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It might be surprising, but there are drawers in the world filled with socks that aren't filled with holes. Usually socks wear out over time and fall apart. Gold Toe socks are held to a higher standard. They promise not to fall apart no matter how many years they go in and out of the drawer. Gold Toe Men's ADC stands for All Day Comfort. It's a product line designed for consumers looking for the maximum in style and comfort in socks. ADC Gold Toe socks are made from the finest and most innovative yarns available. Toe seams are specially flattened for a smooth fit while the heels are always well rounded for support and comfort. Recognized for over 75 years as the Standard of Quality in socks, Gold Toe combines durability, classic comfort and technology to create footwear that works All Day Long.

In the early 20th century two German immigrant founded a mill in Pennsylvania to manufacture socks. They named the company the Great American Knitting Mills. During the Great Depression money was tight and consumers needed socks that would last. The Great American Knitting Mills sewed a reinforced toe on their usual socks with a gold thread to stand out; with this then Gold Toe was born. They are now known worldwide as, “the ones with the gold toe.”  The company produces more than 140 million pairs of socks for men, women, and children every year. It is the third largest United States-based producer of socks.

Gold Toe offers innovative fabrics for all types of men. AquaFX is for moisture control, EcoFX has Natural Antimicrobial Protection derived from sustainable resources and Sole U Tion Sport provides a SolUTion for any active sport. Celebrities like Parenthood's Sam Jaeger and Blink 182's Mark Hoppus are fans of the socks. Many of the socks are made out of basic cotton, Mercerized cotton or pima cotton blends. This enhances the softness and comfort of the socks for everyday wear. There is every size available as well, whether you want no-show, knee length or standard socks. The best thing about Gold Toe is they can be worn with just about any shoe for any activity. From working all day to playing all night to dancing the night away, Gold Toe is your go-to sock. It never gets tired, so why should you?

Customers love the comfort of the socks. The AquaFX Dress Jersey sock has a moisture controls system that uses technical fibers that absorb moisture quickly to the external surface of the sock. One man said, “I've tried many different types of over-the-calf socks with little success until I tried these Gold Toe socks. Finally I've found socks that 1) don't slide down my leg by themselves, 2) don't fade in the wash and 3) keep my feet comfortable and dry in all types of weather.”

Gold Toe socks will last forever while giving a great fit. Men need to be active throughout the day without worrying about their socks.