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  1. Teamliga Performance ShortTeamliga Performance Short
    Puma 704924
    Teamliga Performance Short
    $24.00 $14.95
  2. LIGA Performance ShortLIGA Performance Short
    Puma 703431
    LIGA Performance Short
    $24.00 $12.95
  3. Long Sleeve T-ShirtLong Sleeve T-Shirt
    Puma 892786
    Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    $18.00 $9.95
  4. Run Favorite Long TightRun Favorite Long Tight
    Puma 520218
    Run Favorite Long Tight
    $55.00 $32.95
  5. Team Liga Training JacketTeam Liga Training Jacket
    Puma 657234
    Team Liga Training Jacket
    1 Review
    $55.00 $29.95
  6. Essential Logo Sweat PantEssential Logo Sweat Pant
    Puma 586720
    Essential Logo Sweat Pant
    1 Review
    $45.00 $24.95
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A puma jumping through the air is the main staple in all Puma products. A puma combined with a style that is sleek, streamlined, and retro make the Puma brand stand out. Puma designs and manufactures running shoes, track jackets, mens t-shirts, men's activewear, women's activewear, kid's clothing and other accessories. Many of the pieces are made with moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the body cool during workouts. Each pieces is equipped with ways to enhance the workout like reflective logos to be seen running and night and laser cut headphone openings. Puma has something for everyone.

Puma was started in Germany in the mid 1920s by brothers Adolf and Rudolph Dassler who founded a shoe company specializing in athletic shoes. In 1948, the men split the companies into two companies after World War II. Adolf went on to create the Adidas brand while Rudolph founded Puma. The bitter rivalry forced upset among people in Germany. There were many fights over which brand would be worn at the Olympics, during football games and the World Cup. The brothers never reconciled, but the brands both continue to make history. In 2007 innovations in Puma technology lead to it being the first use of laser-sewn technology worn by a Brazilian football club.

Puma is the main producer for Formula One and NASCAR clothing. They also sponsored the 2006 FIFA World Cup champions and the Italian national football team. Puma activewear for men includes soft fabrics, mesh fabrics for movement and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep cool and dry. Puma won a Luxury Briefing Award for “Innovation” in 2011, for their collaboration with FuseProject designer Yves Behar on the creation of the Clever Little Bag. It's no bag, it's a shoebox that is reusable, uses 65% less paper to make and reduces water, energy, and diesel consumption during manufacturing by over 60% a year.

Puma's cotton boxer briefs are a favorite in their many different colors. Puma socks are huge in the active world as they contain polypropylene in the upper body of the sock which promotes moisture-wicking to keep your feet cool and dry. They also have a reinforced toe and heel padding made with Cordura for durability and comfort.

Puma is constantly giving back. Through the programs of puma.safe, focusing on environmental and social issues, puma.peace, focusing on global peace and puma.creative, supporting artists and creative organizations, Puma is helping change the world. Puma.safe recently helped cover the medical bills of a female employee of its footwear supplier Kaoway Sports, who was injured by a gun shot during labor unrest. Puma.peace partnered with seven filmmakers to make films shown at the World Peace Festival 2011. Through Puma.Creative’s CAN program, artists were commissioned to design a football jersey inspired from Africa's heritage, culture and traditions for African football teams.

Puma designers clothe in comfort and style to create activewear for lounging or playing hard. All of their items are versatile and unique so they stand out above others on the shelf. Just like the wild puma, the brand hopes to leap above all others and run faster to get to the finish line.