Joe Snyder

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With south of the border origins, this men's underwear is "muy caliente" (very hot)! You'll love the sexy fit and vibrant colors, and masculine enhancement features that include pouches that open. The premium microfiber fabrics are silky and sensuous, and many styles may be used for swimwear as well as everyday underwear. Find your favorite Joe Snyder underwear at HisRoom!

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  1. Maxi Bulge ThongMaxi Bulge Thong
    Joe Snyder jsmbul6
    Maxi Bulge Thong
    1 Review
    $34.50 $27.60
  2. Shining Enhancing ThongShining Enhancing Thong
    Joe Snyder js03
    Shining Enhancing Thong
    29 Reviews
    $26.00 $20.80
  3. Bulge Low Rise Push Up Enhancing Bikini BriefBulge Low Rise Push Up Enhancing Bikini Brief
    Joe Snyder jsbul01
    Bulge Low Rise Push Up Enhancing Bikini Brief
    8 Reviews
    $29.00 $23.20
  4. Holes ThongHoles Thong
    Joe Snyder jshol02
    Holes Thong
    $26.00 $19.95
  5. Lace Low Rise Bikini BriefLace Low Rise Bikini Brief
    Joe Snyder jsl01
    Lace Low Rise Bikini Brief
    $23.00 $10.99
  6. Shining Low Rise Cheeky BriefShining Low Rise Cheeky Brief
    Joe Snyder js13
    Shining Low Rise Cheeky Brief
    $38.00 $30.40
  7. Infinity BikiniInfinity Bikini
    Joe Snyder jsift01
    Infinity Bikini
    $26.00 $18.95
  8. Bulge Holes Low Rise Enhancing ThongBulge Holes Low Rise Enhancing Thong
    Joe Snyder jsbul2h
    Bulge Holes Low Rise Enhancing Thong
    5 Reviews
    $28.00 $22.40
  9. Infinity ThongInfinity Thong
    Joe Snyder jsift02
    Infinity Thong
    $26.00 $20.80
  10. Shining Rio Snug Pouch ThongShining Rio Snug Pouch Thong
    Joe Snyder js11
    Shining Rio Snug Pouch Thong
    2 Reviews
    $27.00 $21.60
  11. Sock It Y Back ThongSock It Y Back Thong
    Joe Snyder jssk03
    Sock It Y Back Thong
    $33.50 $26.80
  12. Infinity Enhancing Body SuitInfinity Enhancing Body Suit
    Joe Snyder jsift04
    Infinity Enhancing Body Suit
    1 Review
    $30.00 $23.95
  13. Shining Enhancement Bikini BriefShining Enhancement Bikini Brief
    Joe Snyder js01
    Shining Enhancement Bikini Brief
    14 Reviews
    $26.00 $20.80
  14. Shining Enhancing G-StringShining Enhancing G-String
    Joe Snyder js02
    Shining Enhancing G-String
    2 Reviews
    $24.00 $19.20
  15. Shining Enhancing Holes G-StringShining Enhancing Holes G-String
    Joe Snyder js02-h
    Shining Enhancing Holes G-String
    2 Reviews
    $23.00 $18.40
  16. Bulge Low Rise Push Up Enhancing ThongBulge Low Rise Push Up Enhancing Thong
    Joe Snyder jsbul02
    Bulge Low Rise Push Up Enhancing Thong
    31 Reviews
    $29.00 $23.20
  17. Holes Bulge SingletHoles Bulge Singlet
    Joe Snyder jsbul10
    Holes Bulge Singlet
    $33.50 $24.95
  18. Shining Kini Low Rise G-StringShining Kini Low Rise G-String
    Joe Snyder js12
    Shining Kini Low Rise G-String
    $27.50 $22.00
  19. Infinity Mini Cheek BikiniInfinity Mini Cheek Bikini
    Joe Snyder jsift03
    Infinity Mini Cheek Bikini
    $26.00 $19.95
  20. Holes Enhancing Mini Cheek BriefHoles Enhancing Mini Cheek Brief
    Joe Snyder jshol03
    Holes Enhancing Mini Cheek Brief
    $26.00 $19.95
  21. Sock It Bikini BriefSock It Bikini Brief
    Joe Snyder jssk01
    Sock It Bikini Brief
    $33.50 $26.80
  22. Shining Man Up SockShining Man Up Sock
    Joe Snyder js23
    Shining Man Up Sock
    $22.50 $10.99
  23. Shining Holes Kini Low Rise G-StringShining Holes Kini Low Rise G-String
    Joe Snyder js12-h
    Shining Holes Kini Low Rise G-String
    $26.00 $20.80
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Joe Snyder

Despite the All-American sounding name, Joe Snyder actually originated in Mexico, the brainchild of José Vargas Snyder. Snyder's family had been in the men's garment business for generations.  The original Joe Snyder underwear design was fabricated from a polyamide material that hugged the body, with a lightweight and a comfortable fit that wasn't constrictive. The extra percentage of spandex helps give the underwear the ability to conform to your body for a hot look and fit. All Joe Snyder underwear is made with the same fabric blend so you get the same fit no matter what style of underwear your prefer. One other thing you can count on from Joe Snyder is that they offer their underwear in more colors than anyone else, and you can get your favorite in whichever underwear style you prefer. But be warned--Joe Snyder is not for the timid. This men's underwear is daring, sexy and hot.

Joe Snyder makes every style of underwear you could hope for, and, while every piece of underwear they make has a low rise, several of them come in different rises. Styles include bikinis, mens thongs, g-strings, boxer trunks and boxers that are definitely not your old man's boxers. Many of Joe Snyder's underwear styles are strictly basics, but they offer several collections that feature different forms of enhancement. In fact, their basic line is called the Enhancement collection. This collection is designed to give you a little lift, but isn't made to give any kind of extreme effect. Consider it the average collection of great everyday underwear. The Bulge collection does give a noticeable change in your profile. The contour pouches in the Bulge collection are designed for a concentrated fit that lifts your package up for a more prominent appearance. The Launch collection takes it a step further. Rather than just compressing and lifting you up slightly it has a porthole panel that, once you place your package through the porthole entry, presents a much more enhanced pouch appearance. The Exclusive collection has the same features as the Launch collection, but the pouch features snap closures at its top that allow the pouch to be fully opened. Several styles are constructed for enhancement, with a contoured seamed pouch that holds you up and out. Some models have a smooth seamless seat while others offer a center back seam for more definition. Bikinis and mens boxers are also available in a bulge style with an anatomical pouch.

Joe Snyder mens underwear has the added benefit of being functional as both underwear and swimwear. The lightweight, quick-drying fabric is perfect for a day at the beach or poolside. Spend a few minutes drying off, slip your shorts back on and you're good to go. The styling is perfect under low-rise, hipster pants, too.

If you like boldness and color, you'll love the colorways available. Many styles are available in such tropical shades as turquoise, mango, hot red, lemon yellow, wine, rainbow hues and camouflage. Whatever color or style you choose, your hotness quotient rises the minute you slip Joe Snyder on.