Calvin Klein Underwear for Men
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Calvin Klein Underwear for Men

It has a great fit, an iconic simplicity and a modern hip image. There is nothing really quite like Calvin Klein Underwear. It popularized the boxer brief, updated the traditional brief and gave boxers a more comfortable fit. And oh, that waistband with the Calvin Klein name emblazoned on it needs to be thrown into the mix as well. Who hasn't seen that name popping out above many a post-pubescent male's pant waistline?

It hit the market offering men a new twist on the tightie-whitie underwear. Calvin Klein mens underwear from the beginning had a unique advertising campaign featuring celebrities, super-models and fresh new faces to represent the brand. Now made by the Warnaco Company, this advertising approach hasn't wavered.

But Calvin Klein underwear goes beyond just new underwear designs. They used new fabrics such as microfiber, and gave the low-rise fit in underwear acceptability. And it didn't hurt that Brook Shields, Mark Wahlberg, Kellan Lutz, Zoe Saldana and Kate Bosworth were splashed across billboard adds in huge black and white photos displaying their underwear.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who love Calvin Klein underwear. Microfiber briefs and boxer briefs get high marks from customers for their construction and fit. Waistbands hold their shape with no rolling. Legs stay put and don't ride up. And the smooth-fitting fabric works under everything. Men also appreciate the silky, lightweight feel. Tee shirts in all styles quickly became customer favorites. They are cut long enough to stay tucked in. The high quality fabrics, with just a little bit of stretch, feel soft against the skin and provide a lean, put-together silhouette.

The Calvin Klein men's underwear line also includes long sleeping and lounging pants, cold weather long johns, hosiery in lots of styles and woven pajama pants. Along with the underwear collections, this makes Calvin Klein the go-to brand for men looking for comfort, style, colors both basic and trendy, versatile cuts and enduring quality.

Calvin Klein Underwear has become the world's first and finest designer underwear for men and now for women. Started in 1982, Calvin Klein made basic underwear something to be desired instead of needed. This sexiness and desirability of the products was really a turning point in the underwear marketplace. People were actually looking to buy underwear rather than just having Mom go out and buy some because the old ones were looking so bad. Underwear drawers definitely received a boost.

But don't think Calvin Klein Underwear was just a fad. Far from it. Quality, fit and fabrication of the underwear design have it a long shelf or should we say drawer life. The Calvin Klein underwear line includes mens pouch underwear, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, button fly boxer briefs, and thongs. T-shirts include crew, muscle, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, and v-necks. Materials include microfiber, 100% cotton, cotton stretch microfiber pique, and tradition woven fabrics. Now available in more than 21 countries, the Calvin Klein Underwear brand has made it onto the backsides of an estimated 98 million people all over the world.