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Clean, comfortable, simple, stylish, and smart: Bread and Boxers is the only underwear you'll ever need. The fit is good enough to go head to head with any brand at any price point, and the quality and durability make the price difference between one pair of these or a 7 pack of cheap tightie-whities a worthwhile upgrade. You don't know how good you could have it or what you've been missing. Find out.

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  1. Organic Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs - 3 PackOrganic Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs - 3 Pack
    Bread and Boxers 232
    Organic Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs - 3 Pack
    2 Reviews
  2. Slim Fit Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtSlim Fit Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    Bread and Boxers 116
    Slim Fit Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    1 Review
  3. Pique Polo ShirtPique Polo Shirt
    Bread and Boxers 115
    Pique Polo Shirt
  4. Organic Cotton Stretch Classic Fit BriefOrganic Cotton Stretch Classic Fit Brief
    Bread and Boxers 201
    Organic Cotton Stretch Classic Fit Brief
    1 Review
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Bread and Boxers

Ever lost your luggage? It happened to Bread and Boxers founders Alexander Palmgren and Henrik Lindahl, and that experience led them to create Bread and Boxers. Alexander and Henrik were pretty surprised at how hard it was to find a good pair of men's underwear while they were traveling. Though they definitely knew that they weren't the first people to lose their luggage, and they definitely wouldn't be the last. The original idea for Bread and Boxers was simple - a collection of the basics offered in hotel minibars for anyone that needed a pair of briefs, trunks, boxer briefs or boxers while they were out on the road and had limited options and time. Nothing fancy, just high quality underwear essentials that would make the blow of a lost bag easier to overcome. So they began Bread and Boxers in 2009, and eventually decided that underwear this good shouldn't just be for emergencies - these deserved to be available as the foundation of man's wardrobe whether he's traveling or at home.

How good is this underwear? They only make one (okay two if you count the relaxed crewneck) style of each kind of underwear, and they only make them in black, white and grey heather. Why? Because when you make something perfect you don't bother trying to remake it. The fabric is a blend of cotton and stretch, and the cut and fit are always spot on. You've never gotten a t-shirt or pair of underwear out of a package that has fit this good, and felt this soft. These are your new favorites - your everyday favorites - so start stocking up now and put your mind at ease, because you just found all the underwear you'll ever need.