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Call Center operator was great.
Lance B."     5 star review6/18/2019
The representative was extremely helpful and patient. Excellent customer service.
DENISE C."     5 star review6/17/2019
I just called to get order status the agent was very nice respectful and helpful
Joseph V."     5 star review5/23/2019
so far so good. waiting on my exchange.
Jim H."     5 star review5/15/2019
very efficient and helpful great to deal with.
William M."     5 star review5/14/2019
I called to get an update on my full refund for items returned. She confirmed that an email was sent out on confirming a refund, but unfortunately I did not receive. She then resent the same email and I confirmed reciept. Satisfied with my call and your customer service person (missed her name) was very friendly and helpful. EL
Edwin L."     4 star review5/1/2019
Very friendly and courteous. She took the time to give me a call to help answer my questions and solve my problems. I had never had a customer specialist take the initiative to call me to help. Great job!
Leo S."     5 star review4/30/2019
I apparently touched the quantity button twice, accidentally doubling the order. When I changed the quantity back to the four units I desired, the total cost did NOT change. Rather than continue to challenge the machine, I called customer service. I was extremely pleased with the kind and speedy service straightening our the order.
Donald P."     4 star review4/29/2019
Tiffany was kind and patient when I received the wrong item ordered and made the return right by me.
Sara D."     5 star review4/24/2019
Excellent rep. Quick call. Friendly and knowledgeable individual
Carmine R."     5 star review4/23/2019
I spoke with Carla. She was clear and very kind.
Alejandro M."     5 star review4/19/2019
The item was not accurately described in the description on your website. The return request was fast and easy
John D."     4 star review4/9/2019
I had trouble ordering on line so I called your contact number. Your representative I spoke to was extremely courteous and helpful and I was able to place my order to my satisfaction and expeditiously. Thank you.
Rose V."     4 star review4/6/2019
The Lady that i spoke to was very intelligent and respectful she did a great job.
Carolyn M."     4 star review4/5/2019
My previous order was obviously picked up by the porch Pirates. Young lady at customer service was able to duplicate my original order and is replacing it. Great customer service!
Stephen C."     5 star review4/4/2019
Very courteous and professional . Made ordering simple and easy. I am sure at times taking certain orders can be awkward, she did a great job . Will definitely order from his room again . Thank you
Jeremy R."     5 star review4/2/2019
Tiffany attended to my situation right away. I appreciate how easy it was to fix the problem. Thanks.
CHRISTIAN C."     5 star review4/2/2019
Spoke to Customer Service and she help me out. Great service.
Manuel E."     5 star review4/2/2019
I will have to wear and wash products several times to determine my level of satisfaction The ability to call and speak to someone in Texas/USA along with quality of the products are the reasons I purchase men's under ware from His Room. C. Opp
Clifford O."     5 star review4/1/2019
Checked out prematurely and didn't want to incur additional shipping. Spoke with Samantha (extremely pleasant) and had everything resolved within minutes. Just found your website and will be back again.
Bill B."     5 star review3/25/2019
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