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Royal Classic Open Fly Boxer Brief
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rating Size: XL

It took me three years to find the same pair of shorts twice 252842 i did not know that royal classic Zimmerli made so many different styles and sizes and lengths i thought that they were all the same once you bought royal classic white Zimmerli boxer briefs that you just ordered white boxer briefs but there are many lengths and widths and band widths now i know which ones and the price I'll be set the next time. kenneth from fort lauderdale forida usa
  • Height: Height 5'6"-5'11"
  • Age: 60s
  • Posted: July, 2010
rating Size: XXXL

Although the make quality is good, there is a couple of problems with this underwear: 1) The elastic waist band is very small, and so tend to bend and curl after prolonged sitting, which creates an annoyance. 2) The elastic "tape-like" piece at each thigh is so thin that it does not prevent the underwear from riding up at all. In addition, it loses elasticity after one day of use. 3) The size 3XL does not come in different colors!!! 4) The butt area is too "see-through"; I think it needed another layer of clothing like the front pouch. So far, Calvin Klein boxer-briefs are the only ones I've tried that address all these points nicely. Mike from California
  • Height: Height 5'6"-5'11"
  • Age: 20s
  • Posted: November, 2008
rating Size: xl

Had to return 'em. They were way oversized and didn't look or fit anything like pictured. David from Farmington Hills/MI/USA
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: September, 2008
rating Size: L

Excellent quality. Very soft, light, pleasure to wear. Scott from Brownsville, MN. USA!
  • Posted: January, 2008
rating Size: m

the best and most comfortable mens underwear made today. His Room makes is easy, fast and pleasant to shop. jon from houston
  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: M

Funny that something so fundamental to a well-dressed man usually receives the least amount of thoughtful attention. The quality of cotton and construction is superb. Wearing those 'three to a pack' boxer briefs instead of Zimmerli's is like choosing to wear a microfiber 'shearling' instead of the real thing. Why bother? Tom from Boston, MA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: S

I first heard about Zimmerli undergarments in GQ magazine. I was curious about the quality so I ordered two pairs from this site. The Royal Classic Boxer briefs have the same "hold" that I have come to expect from boxer briefs but their generous cut in the crotch prevents the underwear from riding up throughout the day and causing the discomfort that is all to common with boxer breifs. The high quality cotton adds another level of comfort I have not found in boxer briefs from any other designer. I was so impressed with the two pair that I ordered that I ordered five more pair! Zimmerli may cost a few more dollars than your average pair of undergarments, but if you are looking for true luxury and total comfort then you can't go wrong with this pair! Brett from Houston, Tx, USA
  • Posted: February, 2007