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Tencel fabric, which the entire line of Woodiees underwear is made of, is an all-natural fiber derived from trees. You don't have to worry about bark or bite with these underwear. Their tree-derived microfiber fabric is as soft as it gets. It's lightweight as silk and just as soft with a cozier, cotton-y texture, and yet it requires less water and pesticides to produce than cotton. Not only does this exceptionally soft, lightweight modal-like fabric ensure a higher level of comfort throughout the day, but the nano-fibril structure of the fabric wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. Many men have bought performance fabric boxer briefs from athletic brands to get these features- none of which can offer the comfort level that Woodiees' tencel, wood-based fabric can. And if the fabric isn't enough to sell you then the specially designed anatomical pouches on the briefs and boxer briefs will. Shaped like a cone with a contour seam at the end, the anatomical pouches comfortably accomodate the male anatomy in ways that few other boxer briefs can. The pouch keeps your genitals separated out and in place, which keeps them away from your legs and eliminates the need to readjust. You're kept firmly in place and comfortable throughout the day with a barely-there, non-constrictive feel that will make you forget you're even wearing anything at all.

The Woodiees line features their trademark green waistband and a simple selection of solid, neutral colors to choose from. It's underwear for your life- an everyday solution for total comfort that eliminates the distractions you encounter on a daily basis. It's underwear as it should be with an entirely different outlook on what it can be and what it can do for you. Woodiees' eco-concious outlook drives their desire to give you the best in all arenas. It isn't just more comfortable. It's underwear with less impact by way of less water consumption and dramatically less pesticides than your average pair of underwear incurs in its production. Amazingly, it's all these things with the added benefit of wicking technology. The moisture managing fabric design pulls moisture away from your skin, but it doesn't just absorb it. The fabric is designed with channels that wick moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates on the surface. This wicking process keeps you dry and cools you off at the same time. Everything has been considered in the design and concpet of Woodiees underwear, and you'd be hardpressed to find a more comfortable option that gives you everything that a pair of Woodiees can. If you're looking for more from your underwear then give these better-than-average boxer, boxer-brief, and brief basics a try. Woodiees underwear is the all-around comfort solution you can't get with cotton. Try them today at HisRoom!