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Wigwam socks began over a century ago as a small American company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin that made heavy woolen work socks and liner mittens for lumbermen. Now, Wigwam delivers socks to men in all different walks of life. What hasn't changed in all that time is that Wigwam makes socks that can endure under harsh conditions and outlast the competition while providing the best comfort possible to the wearer. What has changed is the way that Wigwam can increase you level of comfort. Wigwam has engineered the fabrics of their socks to deliver the best in performance features. The ability of Wigwam's socks to wick moisture away from your feet, in addition to their odor reducing anti-microbial properties, improves your level of comfort and your performance whether you're on the job or out in the wilderness. Wigwam has also designed the footbeds of their most rugged socks with cushioned soles. The additional cushioning on the soles of these Wigwam socks protect your feet when you're working your hardest by preventing harsh rubbing that can lead to blisters, as well as reducing the impact on your arches, your ankles, and your knees. Wigwam's socks also boast reinforced toes and heels for long-lasting durability. Wigwam socks have been made in the USA for over a century, get some of these fine American-made products for the rugged man in your life.

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Wigwam Outdoor
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Wigwam Sport
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