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  1. Cool Cotton TrunkCool Cotton Trunk
    Tommy John 1000022
    Cool Cotton Trunk
    $24.95 - $32.00
  2. 360 Sport 4 Inch Trunk360 Sport 4 Inch Trunk
    Tommy John 1002961
    360 Sport 4 Inch Trunk
    $34.00 $22.95
  3. Cool Cotton BriefCool Cotton Brief
    Tommy John 1000918
    Cool Cotton Brief
    1 Review
    $23.95 - $30.00
  4. Second Skin Boxer BriefSecond Skin Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1002379
    Second Skin Boxer Brief
  5. Second Skin BriefSecond Skin Brief
    Tommy John 1000011
    Second Skin Brief
    1 Review
  6. Air Mesh Long Leg Boxer BriefAir Mesh Long Leg Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1000033
    Air Mesh Long Leg Boxer Brief
    $42.00 $29.95
  7. Second Skin TrunkSecond Skin Trunk
    Tommy John 1001858
    Second Skin Trunk
    1 Review
  8. Second Skin Relaxed Fit BoxerSecond Skin Relaxed Fit Boxer
    Tommy John 1000014
    Second Skin Relaxed Fit Boxer
    2 Reviews
    $36.00 $23.95
  9. Air Mesh TrunkAir Mesh Trunk
    Tommy John 1000032
    Air Mesh Trunk
    $40.00 $27.95
  10. 360 Sport Trunk360 Sport Trunk
    Tommy John 1000042
    360 Sport Trunk
    $34.00 $21.95
  11. 360 Sport 2.0 Long Leg Boxer Brief360 Sport 2.0 Long Leg Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1000043
    360 Sport 2.0 Long Leg Boxer Brief
    $36.00 $21.95
  12. 360 Sport 2.0 Boxer Brief360 Sport 2.0 Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1002380
    360 Sport 2.0 Boxer Brief
    $36.00 $21.95
  13. Air Mesh Boxer BriefAir Mesh Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1002453
    Air Mesh Boxer Brief
    $42.00 $29.95
  14. 360 Sport Hammock Pouch Boxer Brief360 Sport Hammock Pouch Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1002653
    360 Sport Hammock Pouch Boxer Brief
    $39.00 $23.95
  15. Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit BoxerCool Cotton Relaxed Fit Boxer
    Tommy John 1000024
    Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit Boxer
    1 Review
    $34.00 $23.95
  16. Cool Cotton Boxer BriefCool Cotton Boxer Brief
    Tommy John 1002451
    Cool Cotton Boxer Brief
  17. Cool Cotton TankCool Cotton Tank
    Tommy John 1000028
    Cool Cotton Tank
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HisRoom Underwear

We know buying underwear isn't at the top of your "get it done today" list, but maybe it should be. After all, didn't your mother ever tell you to always wear clean underwear? She was right! If your underwear collection is over six months old (and we know it is), you should replace it all immediately, enough said. Men’s underwear comes in many cuts, styles, colors, and materials. There’s something for every body type and occasion – whether you want everyday support, extra support for a workout, or something sexy to wear for a significant other.

Regular vs. Activewear

There's a difference between regular underwear and activewear. Not only will you look silly wearing a regular T-Shirt for a workout, but you'll also be giving up the technical benefits of today's high-performance fabrics. Furthermore, a pair of briefs is not the same as an athletic supporter. Real activewear is a workout-trendy, technically savvy choice for the gym.

Boxers vs. Briefs

The age-old question in the world of men’s underwear is “boxers or briefs?”. We don't pretend to know the answer to that question. What we do know is that women seem to be fascinated by the controversy, and that in the end it's really about the difference between "freedom" and "support." Boxers are a little more versatile. In boxers, you could retrieve the morning newspaper without raising too many eyebrows. But don't try that in a pair of briefs. Those are a little too tight fitting to wear even to the end of the driveway. Boxer briefs are the best of both worlds – they have a traditional elastic waist with a longer leg.