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"If you want to look good in a T-shirt, buy one with a cap sleeve," says Tomima Edmark, who runs the underwear and T-shirt retailer To know if you've got the right number, lay the T-shirt flat in the store.

"If the sleeves point directly away from the body, this is not a cap sleeve. If the sleeves angle down toward the sides of the T-shirt, they have a cap sleeve."



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To a tee
It's gone from underwear to outerwear, but
some N.Y. guys still can't master the white T-shirt


James Dean, Steve McQueen, even Wham!-era George Michael - they all knew how to work the white tee.

This fall, that all-American basic is more important than ever. The men's collections are full of snazzy white shirts, both traditional and avant-garde. The white tee isn't far behind.


"Miami Nice"
Topping your white tee with a white blazer is cooler than cool. And that whole rule about Labor Day? Nobody cares.


The slim fit, the perfect V-neck and the slight crease in the front that suggests this guy folds his laundry. All in all, a class act.


V-Neck Victory
No one, and we mean no one, wants to see chest hair poking out of a V-neck. This one has the shape without the plunge, and hits his waist in just the right spot.


Bring it out
It vaguely skims the body and hits at the perfect length. This tee deserved to emerge from under a button-down.


Grigioperla Comfort Line Crew Neck T-Shirt
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Short Sleeve V-Neck Shirt

Original Fine Rib Seamless V-Neck
Calvin Klein
Micro Modal Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt