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Tasc Performance

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Formed in 2009, tasc Performance apparel came together with one mission - to dethrone polyester as the performance fabric of choice in the performance market. tasc Performance knew that there was a better way, and wanted to give everyone the chance to experience something better. tasc Performance spent two and a half years researching, designing, and testing their Bamco performance fabrics, and after they had perfected every component they released their first generation Bamco Performance Technology Line, thriv Natural Performance. Their new peformance fabric alternative proved to be everything they were looking for; it was lightweight, soft, breathable, wicked moisture, had tremendous stretch capacity, UPF protection, and none of it involved polyester.

This is evident in the tasc t-shirt.  tasc Performance has continued to further refine their methods and fabrics and what their products are capable of by building on the foundation of that first Bamboo performance fabric collection with the introduction of new fabric structures, fiber blends, and technical details. tasc Performance isn’t an alternative to performance apparel, it’s apparel for true performers. The moisture wicking properties you look for from performance underwear gear are all available in viscose from Bamboo fabric. This approach to fabric from tasc Performance is just as effective as polyester performance fabric when it comes to drawing moisture away from your body to keep you dry, and wicking it to the surface of the fabric to evaporate, which creates a cooling sensation that is far more efficient at regulating your body temperature than not wearing a performance t-shirt.

tasc Performance sports underwear is also made from organic cotton, viscose from bamboo and spandex for natural, breathable stretch comfort. Their mens pouch underwear includes boxer briefs with compression fit and flyless or functional flys to provide the sports and outdoor enthusiast with a great alternative to synthetic athletic underwear. 

Bamco Performance Technology is changing everything with innovative alternatives to performance base-layers, trail-running, training, outdoor, and life-style apparel. tasc bamboo performance technology has either outperformed or stood up to the leading performance apparel manufacturers. The fabric is lightweight and breathable with a level of comfort against the skin not yet experienced by athletes. Its breathability is a component of both its anti-odor properties and its wicking system. tasc Performance's fabric has an incredible moisture wicking rate, as well as an evaporated moisture percentage based on moisture that has been wicked away from the body. Bamco Performance Technology also delivers 50+ UPF, which goes to further prove that wearing a tasc Performance top is significantly more beneficial to an athlete or exerciser than not wearing anything. tasc Performance's winter gear has been tested and rated with a TOG rating of over .4 in thermal resistance tests.

Weather should just be a backdrop for your workouts and athletic pursuits, not an inhibitor, and tasc Performance has made their activewear to give you that kind of freedom. In addition to increasing your ability to perform despite things that are outside of your control tasc Performance's garments also give you the chance to see what your body is capable of achieving. Most of their performance fabric is engineered with four-way stretch to allow you your full range of motion- uninhibited by uncooperative fabric that resists your movements. Take advantage of all the work and dedication tasc Performance has put into developing some of the best athletic and outdoor products on the performance market. Live, move, evolve with tasc Performance sportswear.