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If ever there was a man who could sell ice to Eskimos (Inuits to be more politically correct), or sell a product of any kind, it would be Anthony "Sully" Sullivan, TV pitchman for Oxyclean. He had also appeared on the Discovery Channel with his late business partner, Billy Mays. But what does this have to do with t-shirts? In all of his appearances at events and in the press, Sully always wore a basic white t-shirt under his shirts, and he was always disappointed in the way they fit, and that they were too short to tuck in after washing. After Anthony Sullivan set about trying on the best of the best (and not-so-best) in t-shirts, he decided that he needed to develop his own style that was comfortable, gave performance compression to slim the middle, stayed dry, and stayed cool in the summer, warm in cold weather. Chance favors the prepared mind, so when Sully ran into neighbor Rhonda Shear (developer of the famous Ahh Bra) at a black tie event, fate conspired to supply him with the means to market his new, improved compression t-shirt. He had worn a black shapewear garment to this function to make his 10-year-old tuxedo fit, and Rhonda joked that she could make the shaping tee so much better with her design team and advanced knowledge of garment construction. The partnership came together and the ultimate men's undershirt was born under the Svelte by Sully brand name. Many successful products have come about because the developer was unhappy with a product, and this high profile collaboration between two marketing geniuses has produced the ultimate slimming t-shirt. 

HisRoom is pleased to announce the new Svelte label and looks forward to supplying men everywhere with products that enhance their lifestyles.