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Sock Essentials

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Make sure your sock drawer is well stocked with the right socks so you'll be prepared for most activities.

Athletic Socks

These are the socks you wear with your casual athletic shoes. They are usually white and can be ankle length, crew length or cuffed. They should include cotton and have some spandex so they keep their shape.

Casual Socks

You should have a nice collection of causal socks in a variety of colors that match your pant and shoe colors.

Crew Socks

Crew or ankle socks should be in your sock drawer if you wear shorts. Knee-high socks are for mail-carriers and Bermuda police. Crew socks can also be worn with sneakers, tennis shoes or any other athletic shoes.

Dress Socks

This seems to be the sock that's missing from your drawer right before a black tie affair. You should always have a couple pairs on hand. Make sure they're not snagged and come high enough so that skin will not be seen when you sit down or cross your legs. Dress socks are typically black.

Novelty Socks

There is always something interesting about a man with an unusual pair of socks. It tells a person there's more there than meets the eye. If you fit this bill, and have a bit of humor about fashion, include a couple pair or argyle or interesting patterned socks in your wardrobe. This is especially true if they're a gift from a girlfriend or hand-knit by your mother, even if they have dancing clocks on them.

Sports Socks

You should have a couple pairs of specific socks for each sport you participate in. Sports socks have become very sophisticated with special features to meet the special foot needs of each sport. This is not merely a marketing gimmick to get you to buy more socks.

Thermal Socks

If you live in a cold climate, these socks are a must. But even if you don't, keep one pair around should you go hiking or take a trip skiing.