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"The first goal with your socks is to avoid the "bootie effect" - matching your shoe color so perfectly with your sock color that it looks like you're wearing booties instead of socks and shoes. The second goal is to ensure a smooth transition between your pants, socks and shoes so that they all look like they coordinate and are aesthetically pleasing. If the goal is a dressy look, match your sock color with your pants for a continuous flow to your shoes. Also keep in mind that your socks and shoes should be the same color or darker than your top. However, there are other ways to coordinate these three elements. Here are a few examples."

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Sock Color Selections

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"Socks exist in a variety of fibers, cuts, patterns and colors. This explains why so many men have a hard time picking socks that match what they're wearing. And, sock selection is not a trivial point in your look. The reality is that improper coordination of socks can quickly spoil your look no matter how great the rest of your image looks. So, here are the basics on sock selection."
- Tomima

You're wearing a khaki suit with brown dress shoes.
What color should your socks be? Black would be a bad idea. Dark brown socks could give you the bootie effect. You could wear tan socks. Also, if you have a blue shirt on or a tie with blue, you could get away with blue socks. Tan would be conservative. Blue would be interesting.
khaki suit

You're wearing a navy suit, black shoes, and a red tie.
The very conservative dressy approach would be navy socks. Again, black would give you the bootie effect. You could also go with navy argyle socks containing a touch of red. Or, you could wear some navy socks with a red or burgundy pattern in them.
navy suit

You're wearing a navy sports coat, light blue shirt, burgundy tie, khaki pants and brown shoes.
Well, now you have lots of possibilities. Navy socks. Tan socks. Socks with light blue, burgundy or khaki colors in the pattern. You can even go with a lighter shade of brown than your shoes.
navy sport coat

Finally, you're wearing a black pinstripe suit, black shoes, and a red tie.
You can wear a black sock since everything is black. However, you could be a little more interesting with a black sock containing subtle red stripes or polka dots.
Polkadot Socks Navy Socks

"The point to all of this is that there is no exact sciencewith sock color selection. There are some basic don'ts, but the rest is art and personal flair."
- Tomima

Storing Socks

Storing Socks

The best way to store socks is to have a specific sock drawer with dividers. Rather than folding socks by folding over the cuff and making a ball, use the tri-fold method (layer a pair flat, then fold in thirds). This method is quicker and minimizes stretching of the cuff elastic.

There is new life for old worn out socks. Use them as polishing cloths for shoes, silver, mirrors or whatever. They slip over your hand perfectly and allow your fingers to work into small areas. Or, use them to cover your hands when you're outside doing activities. Even when it's cold, your hands tend to sweat. It's easier to wash old socks than to launder leather gloves.