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With the proliferation of mens shapewear, it's time to get over any embarrassment and let your underwear do some of the work. Sculptees is a Houston-based company that manufactures shaping underwear and undershirts that help create a smooth, lean physique. The Sculptees line includes light and firm control tank tops and medium control shaper tees. You just put them on in place of your regular undershirts and you're ready to go, except now you look much more dynamic and together. There aren't any exaggerated curves to slow you down, and there aren't any bulges to ruin the look of your shirt. You look neater and more appealing already. Now if you want to target your trouble areas rather than go all out with the shirt then Sculptees also makes a waistband shaper that hugs and smooths out the belly and 'love handles' while supporting your back. It does everything that the shirts do except it just targets your midsection.

The soft microfiber spandex and nylon hugs the body, slimming, smoothing out and supporting your waist and chest. The fabric is smooth on the upper portion of the shirt where shaping isn't as needed, but around the midsection the fabric is knit with a seamless rib pattern to allow the fabric to expand and contract for comfort and better shaping results. In addition to streamlining your appearance the t-shirts and torso band shaper provide lower back support, which can reduce pain and take away some of the burden your lower back muscles are bearing. Using minimal spandex and advanced manufacturing techniques, the tees and tanks are breathable and retain their shape, while providing support and comfort. The tees are designed to be seamless and smooth, offering an almost invisible appearance under clothing.

The moisture-wicking rib mesh knit fabric is breathable so it won't feel like you're suffocating all day long. In fact, you'll feel much more comfortable than you would in a basic cotton undershirt because the fabric used to make Sculptees' t-shirt is engineered with wicking properites that keep you dry and cool you to regulate your core temperature. These men's shapewear options cover all the bases, and have features and components that enhance your body, and your day as well. The raglan sleeve design keeps the sleeves in place with no ride-up. Seamless construction and tubular knitting technique helps the garments retain their shape wear after wear. And if your Sculptees piece starts to stretch too much? Just throw it in the washing machine on the cold cycle and it will return to perfect form.

Speaking of perfect form, while Sculptees won't replace a trip to the gym, these shirts and tanks create a leaner, smoother look--no unwanted bulges or bumps. You'll look slimmer and sleek and no one will know but you. So what if someone sees you in it? It's just a shirt! There aren't any strange markings or devices or anything else to suggest that Sculptees t-shirts are anything more than what they are- t-shirts, plain and simple.