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Blending fun with fashion, RVCA is synonymous with the active lifestyle. Pronounced "ru-kah", RVCA is one of the leading styles of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding lovers. The brand is all about "today, tomorrow and life as the big picture." You can find t-shirts, boardshorts, traditional shorts, tank tops, sports and activewear and much more in the collections by RVCA. The brand blends together all lifestyles to create the perfect fit, the perfect community.

RVCA began in 2001 by PM Tenore and professional surfer Conan Hayes. Tenore planned to promote RVCA to redefine the way people view life and art through fashion. He wanted to create a platform for RVCA, which combines art, music, fashion and a modern lifestyle in an original way. Showing how all the areas of the world coexist from water and oil to land and water is one of the designer's main forums. Many people spell the name out as R V C A. It's actually RUCA with a Roman V. Ruca means "clothes" in Greek. RVCA is now owned by the Australian company Billabong. The brand is sold worlwide and is seen in the skating and surf world on a daily basis.

RVCA offers traditional t-shirts with a vintage dyed, soft fit. They often have fun artistic designs. Boardshorts are designed in many different patterns, prints and colors for every surfer's style. The everyday RVCA shorts are functional and comfortable at the same time, many even made with a soft viscose blend. There are even hoodies perfect to put on after a long day at the beach for a comfortable, fashionable fit. Many of the collections are a throwback to the vintage styles every man seems to love. Some of the collections focus more on function and vitality in styles. Whimsical prints and colorful styles in some collections offer a tribute to jazz and artists alike. No styles are plain or boring, just like you! RVCA is designed to create an entire world that is a united family, a close-knit community.

Of course, you don't have to be a surfing enthusiast to love the iconic fashions. RVCA is highly involved in the arts and design world as well. It focuses on unique artwork for their designs and employ many designers with a special style. The brand is highly involved in the Artist Network Program (ANP). the ANP is a program that showcases artist whether unknown or known to inspire others and provide substance to culture. The brand also sponsors many UFC fighters. Overall RVCA is known for transcending boundaries of all sports bringing together eclectic styles every man will love.

RVCA is proud to be a part of the style world combining all sports and lifestyles together in one brand. Shop HisRoom for the latest styles by RVCA.