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You would never know that Punto was founded in 1982. Punto socks have the fine, exquisite texture and polished craftsmanship of a brand with at least a century of experience. Their mens socks certainly look and feel like they've been made continuously for years using the same methods that a grandfather's grandfather perfected generations ago, with a few contemporary tweaks here and there to keep them current. Their Italian pedigree probably doesn't hurt. Punto's state of the art manufacturing facility is headquartered in a small village near Tuscany in Italy. Punto has made a name for itself with the fashion-conscious worldwide. They're one of three brands that are continuously used in editorial spreads for GQ magazine and other men's fashion magazines. Their trademark is combining superior quality fabrics with exciting designs and colors. This blend of old world gravitas and careful attention to trends gives Punto socks the feel of fresh excitement with heritage appeal.

As with any serious sock manufacturer you can find both crew length and over the calf socks to fulfill your personal preferences and standards and needs. Over the calf styles are strictly dress weight, but the lower, sportier crew length comes in a variety of fabric weights and styles. Punto's crew socks come in both dress weight merino wool and cotton blends, as well as thicker weekend cashmere and cotton fabrications in colors ranging from subdued to striking to fit your personal style. Punto hosiery is manufactured from the best yarns and to precise standards. Both dress weight and sporty casual weight socks are available in either merino wool or Egyptian cotton. Merino wool has a light feel and a fine, soft texture that can be worn at any time of the year. Egyptian cotton is one of the highest grades of fine cotton, and a variety of long staple cotton that is both light in weight and remarkably soft.

Comfort is the key to why these are some of the most satisfying socks you could hope to wear. Beyond carefully selecting the best fabrics available Punto also makes sure that the construction of the sock doesn't get in the way of complete bliss. The hand-stitched toe seam is one of the more significant ways that Punto accomplishes this. Going to the trouble to create this comfort toe seam means that the sock has an almost seamless, recessed seam that is more or less flush with the fabric so that you can experience uninterrupted comfort without irritating abrasion. Their technology allows for unique knits and patterns, with designs that are fresh and modern. For example, argyle socks are never far from the fancy of sock enthusiasts, and Punto makes some of the very best argyle socks in the world.

Punto's color combinations, knitting technique, and selection of fine cashmere fabric come together to create a pair of argyle socks that have the profile of tradition with the look of right now. They're instant favorites that will never fail to improve an outfit, or go uncomplimented. Knowing that you're experiencing the very best is an elusive and rare piece of certainty, but you'll know it every time you put on a pair of Punto socks.