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Punto Blanco has the look of a new, young company, but they've been designing, producing and selling menswear for well over 50 years. The fresh, modern look of their products shows why they've been in business for so long. Punto Blanco is an underwear company that has clearly kept up with the trends and changes in the underwear market. Started in 1948 in Spain, the goal of Punto Blanco has been to create a brand known for quality and innovation in the men's underwear market.  Located in Igualada, just an hour outside of Barcelona, Punto Blanco has been exporting their goods to over 35 countries all over the world since 1953.

The look of Punto Blanco is easy to spot. It has a very distinctive style and design that makes it clearly Punto Blanco. The style of Punto Blanco underwear is simple, but not boring. Even at its simplest the designs have a modern appearance that sets them apart from most basic underwear. Strategic use of color and stripes are what characterize a pair of Punto Blanco boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs. The basic lines are known as Basix and Bionix. The Basix line is made of a cotton and spandex blend that has a soft feel and fits well. The Bionix line is made of micro modal and spandex, which offers a more lightweight fabric with a closer, more body contouring fit. Both Basix and Bionix have their fans. Most of Punto Blanco's underwear is flyless and features a contour pouch. Punto Blanco has their own fabric production facilities, so they're able to create and control everything that goes into their underwear. When they design underwear they design every component of it and ensure its quality. The cut of the underwear and undershirts, the fabric that is used, how everything is sewn together to prevent puckering and pulling, all of these things are controlled by Punto Blanco, which is why their boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, and t-shirts are some of the best you can buy in terms of fit and fabric. It's all thanks to Punto Blanco being a fully, vertically integrated production house, and it's this dedication to producing the best in underwear and undershirts that won them the Meryl Prize in Venitia, Italy.

Punto Blanco is a full fledged underwear producer, offering both continuing basics and stylish fashion briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. The Basix and Bionix lines are continually produced and come in multi packs of mixed colors. Customers have praised Punto Blanco for always having a consistent fit over years and years. Changes in fit and fabric quality are often due to switching production facilities, which is why Punto Blanco doesn't have fit or fabric issues. Since they produce and make everything themselves there's no deviation from the standard.

Punto Blanco has been a trusted underwear manufacturer for decades now thanks to their dedication to producing the very best in materials and ensuring that the briefs, boxer briefs, and t-shirts they produce are constructed with the same rigorous standards.