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If you've ever put on a pair of socks and just melted with happiness, you may have experienced the same feeling Point6 brings their customers. Point6 uses merino wool to blanket your feet in happiness. Point6 is different because they use a special process to make their wool socks. The spinning process turns merino wool fibers into yarn and compact spinning removes more air from between the fibers. This makes soft, fine, durable yarn that you will eventually slip onto your feet.

Point6 started in the 1980s Peter and Patty Duke began making socks with premium merino wool. They named their new creation Point6 because of the body's perfect temperature at 98.6. Merino wool naturally regulates body temperature to keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold. Merino wool both repels and absorbs moisture to keep feet dry and blister-free. Today Peter and Patty Duke have a whole team behind them right in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Point6 is made in the USA.

One innovative concept from Point6 socks is the use of Graduated Compression Technology to increase the flow of un-oxygenated blood out of the lower legs for reduced muscle soreness, shortened recovery time and improved overall performance. There is a Point6 sock for every man. Whether you need a high-performance sock for hiking and outdoor activities or you need something to play a game of basketball, or you just need to wear some comfortable socks to kick your feet up and watch television. One of the best things about Point6 socks is that no matter the level of activity, your socks are working for you. Merino wool is anti-microbial and fights odors. Unlike other fabrics, merino fiber removes perspiration between the skin and the socks, and maintains its thermal properties even when wet. The hydrophilic core of the merino fiber can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, while the hydrophobic properties naturally wicks moisture away.

Sport specific cushioning and ventilation panels are just a few incentives of these hard working wool socks. Point6 socks have deep heel pockets that enhance the fit. They also have seamed toes and arch braces for support. The fabric of the merino wool is built to be durable and resist pilling.  Point6 socks are offered in many different colors and styles so you can find the perfect one for your own style. The style might be icing on the cake, but the cake itself is the cozy, comfortable feeling you get when slipping into a pair of Point6 socks.

You will be happy and comfortable in your Point6 socks. Not only will you look fashionable, but you will feel covered in comfort. Whether you are sitting by the fire, taking a long bike ride or climbing a mountain, Point6 merino wool socks will work hard to keep you cool, dry, blister-free and comfortable.