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Pistol Pete

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Pistol Pete was founded in 1997 as an eclectic and adventurous brand of men's underwear, men's swimwear , and sporty loungewear. The underwear line includes form-fitting trunks, briefs, thongs, and jocks with super low-rises for a sexy look. All are designed with contoured pouches for support and definition and low-rise styling.  Snug and body-conscious, Pistol Pete men's underwear is also bold and colorful. Bright colors and details make each piece a standout. Pistol Pete has something for everything and everyone, and everything Pistol Pete makes is designed to be special, not just another anything. 

Pistol Pete also makes stand-out mens swimwear. It's a category where they have really planted their flag. There's no mistaking a Pistol Pete swimsuit for any other brand. Styles include mid-cut trunks that are cut close to the body, swim shorts and swim briefs. The mid-cut trunks are among the brand's most popular styles. They feature a contour pouch for support and a center back seam for definition. The fabric blend provides a smooth, stretchy feel, comfortable for lounging  and swimming. Swimwear colors and patterns span the range--from serious solid colors to wild attention-getting plaids. Customers love how good they look in Pistol Pete swimwear--getting compliments and a few lusty looks. Pistol Pete's sports-inspired design has a "future of the past" vintage look. Several pieces have the feel as well thanks to Pistol Pete's special "burn out" fabric that has become their signature. The effect that the process has on the fabric gives it an amazing look and feel. Like tie-dying, the burnout process gives the fabric a mottled look that is different for each garment. It also leaves the fabric feeling exceptionally soft. The underwear is often treated to the point where the fabric becomes sheer in places, and Pistol Pete's technique is sophisticated to the point that they can control the process so there are burnout sheer spots that form a pattern. All for a sexy result.

For active men, Pistol Pete's jam and workout shorts are a hit. Sports jams are cut loose for increased mobility, but have a slimmer cut than your average workout short for a more refined look. Workout shorts are cut full and straight. The workout line includes several tops including t-shirts and tanks in both cotton and microfiber fabric blends. Pistol Pete's graphic tees are covered from top to bottom with layered graphics and lots of detail.

All of Pistol Pete's mens clothing and underwear is playful and sexy with soft fabrics and great details. The swimwear combines a daring silhouette with some fun features like functional belts or side buckles. They're well constructed and cut with a low-rise. Pistol Pete swimsuits come with either smooth, seamless backs or have a center back seam for a body defining fit. The underwear--briefs, trunks and jocks-- provide a maximum silhouette with minimalist styling. Playful and bright, Pistol Pete adds some real pizzazz to your underwear and swimwear wardrobe. All Pistol Pete products are made in America. Grab some and become a fan today!