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'Papi' is a slang term of endearment for 'daddy' and men seeking fashionable, fun and sexy style will certainly find Papi mens underwear endearing. Founded in 1995 by James Sonzero, an LA commercial producer, Papi underwear has a distinct Latin vibe--bold, slim-fitting and hot. The styles include briefs, Brazilian trunks and mens thongs. All are comfortably body-hugging--just right for men who want to make a bold statement. Papi underwear fits well without giving you the feeling that you're squeezing yourself into a pair of underwear. Each style of underwear, from boxer briefs and trunks, to briefs, to thongs is made with that special Papi touch and flavor. The most conservative in design are the Papi boxer briefs. These feature the longer legs favored by many, but with a low-rise to keep them functional and comfortable. They're designed for a great fit and softness with a body-defining cut and 100% Cotton fabric. The same is true of the shorter-legged trunk, but the features and possibilities are greater in number. Like most fashion-minded males Papi has embraced trunk-style boxer briefs above all other underwear styles. Whether you want bold solid color or exciting patterns you can find them in a trunk 2 pack from Papi. Papi trunks also cover the three major underwear fabric groups. You can choose from 100% Cotton, a cotton-blend with a streatch fabric for a better fit, or a microfiber option with a sleek feel and perfect fit that you'll barely notice as you go about your day. Papi briefs are cut for the body-conscious--low-rise and physique enhancing, with fun pops of color to keep things from being boring. There are plenty of other underwear manufacutrers that make boring, everyday underwear. Papi customers wear Papi because it's comfortable and familiar, but isn't afraid to show some personality.

Colors and patterns are hot, hot, hot. Look for bold stripes in orange, red, turquoise and more. If you like brash pattern, Papi has those too, in sizzling plaids and psychedelics. Those preferring a more minimalist look will like the colorful and the classic solids. Many styles are offered in the always-handy 2 pack. Papi does packs better than any other brand. You can buy your favorite boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, or thongs in soft cotton basics, or you can buy multi-packs with several colors or prints in cotton blend or microfiber fabrics. What really sets Papi apart is the fashionable, sexy cut that still maintains a classic style. Nothing too outrageous here: just fun, bold underwear for men who know how to look great.

Papi was acquired by the Miami company Isaco International in 2004. Known as a leading manufacturer of licensed brands like Perry Ellis and Equipo, Isaco has expanded the Papi brand globally. With creative, trendy packaging and ads and ultra-hot models, Papi's broader exposure has attracted a loyal following. In 2010, San Francisco Giants 1st baseman, Aubrey Huff, created quite a buzz when he wore Papi's red thong for luck during the play-offs and World Series. They must've brought him lots of luck--the Giants won the series.