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Ocean Pacific began in 1968 when California surfer Jim Jenks left his job at a surf shop to start an independent sales company. He spent his time hand-delivering surf wax, board racks and surf boards from his battered surf van along the West, East, and Gulf coast. Out in the shops every day, Jenks recognized a need for clothing that was functional and stylish for surfers. By the mid-'70s, Op was in full stride. The Op Cord walk short was introduced, which went on to sell a million pairs. As the '80s approached, Op slipped into every facet of action sports, connecting surfing, skateboarding, motocross, and snowboarding under one brand. In the late '80s, the proud progenitor of surf was engulfed by a sea of fast-growing new brands that sprung-up and burgeoned in its wake. Enter mojo man Dick Baker, a California-grown veteran of the apparel business. Baker could see the bright future in the brand and his crew quickly reanimated the near-frozen surf label, inaugurated with a re-commitment to a retooled Op Pro Surfing Championship in 1998. Op again now stands solid and strong, combining a proud heritage with a renewed position as one of the largest brands of its kind in the world. Baker negotiated the acquisition of Op by Warnaco Group Inc in August 2005. With the purchase, the firm was afforded a complimentary brand, a respected industry executive in Baker, and opportunities to take the West Coast lifestyle label to new heights.