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As anyone who wears clothing to contain body parts knows (i.e. almost everyone), men's underwear can sometimes feel suffocating. Even with the advent of the contour pouch, which creates space for men and provides support instead of just squashing you down, men still find themselves adjusting for comfort. The founders of Obviously, brothers Daniel and Robert Miljkovic, came up with a brilliant solution. Obviously is designed as anatomically correct underwear, a vast improvement on mens pouch underwear. The contour pouch is a great leap forward in providing men with more comfort, but it still had not solved several of the problems that plague men most. The Obviously pouch does, because it doesn't just create room. Instead, it surrounds you with its silky soft fabric and has a seam design that separates out your twig from your berries and your twig and berries from your trunks - no sticking to your leg or anything else. The pouch has a U-shaped seam at the base of the pouch, providing separation and lift. No more being smushed up against your thighs or squeezed together. The form-fitting stretchy fabric conforms to your body and is uplifting in all the right places.

Obviously has an extensive line of styles, including boxer briefs, low rise and full-cut briefs, bikinis, low rise boxers, trunk styles and mens thongs. The lightweight fabric, a modal-rich blend, achieves the ultimate in comfort with a body hugging fit that, combined with the softness of the fabric, creates a barely-there feel against your skin while giving you the ultimate in support. After all, true comfort is achieved when you don't notice something. Given the fit of the fabric, Obviously has designed their underwear to make sure it only delivers comfort. The seamless seat on their boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, and bikinis keeps the fabric from embracing EVERY curve. Obviously has given every thought as to what, and taken great care to, create the most comfortable men's underwear on the market. The fabric is soft, with more support than boxers but still comfortable for all-day wear.  The brand is designed with active men in mind, but even those less sculpted will feel and look great in Obviously.

Low-rise boxers, briefs and full-cut boxer briefs contain without restricting, and the seamless back will prevent ride-up. The bikini is daring and brash, but still anatomically designed, with support that holds you front and center. The underwear combines the stretch capacity of the fabric with the cut of the design and carefully placed seams to create a comforting, cradling hold that keeps you in place throughout the day. If you just want to pull on a pair of underwear in the morning and make it through the day without having to adjust yourself or your underwear then Obviously has created the perfect underwear for you. For men that prefer less coverage, Obviously offers jocks and thongs.

Obviously doesn't skimp on style either. Many items come in bold colors, along with black, gray and white. You'll find some styles in deep red, loden, orange and bright blue. The plush waistband sports the Obviously logo and a bonded tag for a smooth feel on the skin.