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Mundo Unico

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The Mundo Unico men's underwear is, without a doubt, a mens underwear brand.  Based in Medellin, Columbia, Mundo Unico means "one-of-a-kind in this world."  And indeed, the Mundo Unico brand has many unique and original mens underwear designs. It all begins with the Suspensor design that Mundo Unico has become famous for. Other brands take their brief or boxer brief designs and install a contour pouch into them. Mundo Unico Suspensor underwear has a body-concious multi-panel design that hugs your contours for a perfect fit that doesn't bunch or ride-up. This allows you to get through the day in confidence and comfort with no embarassing seams showing through.
This Mundo Unico brand was developed by designer Nicolas Echeverri.  His key inspiration for his underwear is comfort.  So, his use of small amounts of lycra and other elastic type materials mixed in with high quality cotton keeps his designs looking fresh and fit all day.  After all, there is nothing worse than the look of baggy 100% cotton men's underwear at the end of the day.  Echeverri also works very hard to eliminate seams which can be the cause of chaffing or show through slacks.  Finally, Echeverri makes bold uses of color.  Yes, Mundo Unico comes in basic white, black and gray.  But, you can also find brilliant red, turquoise and green.  Recently stripes and prints have been added.
On a more technical note, the Mundo Unico line actually has a medical advantage for its wearer as well. Echeverri has designed all the Mundo Unico under apparel lines in such a way that they lower the temperature of the male seminal valves.  This heat reduction lowers a man's risk of many diseases associated with this area of a man's body.
Besides the stylish Mundo Unico boxer briefs, they make trunks, bikini briefs, briefs and jock straps with their unique suspensor pouch.  This pouch, particularly in the suspensor boxer and suspensor trunk, is designed in such a way that it provides a support system to a man's "junk" while at the same time giving him a comfortable fit but also not feeling constrictive.  This is very unusual for men's enhancement underwear to be both functional and comfortable.
The core collection is the Essentials by Mundo Unico.  This group includes trunks and briefs in basic black, but also has great color-blocking and details that make the pieces an essential addition to any man's underwear collection.  For example, there are bold white panels inset into traditional black for a pop of uniqueness. The waistband are also contrasted in white or silver with a simple logo knit in.
Mundo Unico is a great line of comfortable and sexy mens underwear.  Focusing on construction and fit, while taking chances with bright colors and fun prints, Mundo Unico is modern, fun and stylish with a reliable quality that keeps you excited about the way it looks without having to worry about how it will fit. Mundo Unico is made the same way every time, because it's the right way, and many loyal customers agree.