About Tomima


In 1999, Tomima Edmark founded the highly successful HerRoom, now one of the leading womens underwear sites. In the process she realized that men deserve the same attention to high quality, good design, comfort, fit, and value.

Tomima knows that far too often, its easier to grab a 3-pack of tighty-whities at a department store than to shop for what feels and looks great. Her goal is to offer men an easy way to find underwear that suits them to a T (excuse the pun).

Why should you listen to a woman about your underwear?
First of all, women hold the one opinion that is quite possibly the most important - we know what looks good on men. And Tomima, a successful inventor and entrepreneur, used an exhaustive approach to learn the men's underwear industry. Picking the brains of designers, manufacturers and men just like you she created HisRoom to offer products and buying tips to help you make the best choices. Finally, according to statistics, women are the primary buyers of men's underwear. So with Tomima, HisRoom becomes the single most authoritative source on men's underwear in the industry.

Just the facts:
Tomima is the inventor of the wildly successful TopsyTail, a hair accessory for women that she marketed by herself to revenues of $150 million. Along the way, she became known for her entrepreneurship and was featured on television shows and in business publications like Good Morning America, Oprah, Forbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

With a BFA in Fashion Design and an MBA, she uses her left brain and right brain to understand both the design and business of the men's underwear market. And it probably helps that she grew up the only girl in a family with five brothers.

And for the most frequently asked question: what kind of a name is Tomima? It's a venerable family name from the Orkney Islands off the northern tip of Scotland. The name has been passed down through Tomima's mother's family at least as far back as the 18th century. Pronounced like "Jemima" but with a "T".