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Gregg Homme Wonder Microfiber Low Rise Boxer Brief 96105
$27.95 - $38.00
(some colors on sale)25% Off Today
Gregg Homme 96105 reviews

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Gregg Homme Boytoy Stretch Low Rise Boxer Brief 95005
$29.95 - $43.00
(some colors on sale)25% Off Today
Gregg Homme 95005 reviews

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2xist Form Maximize No Show Trunk 3284
$24.95 - $32.00
(some colors on sale)
2xist 3284 reviews


Microfiber can completely change your view of synthetic fabrics. Most people still have ugly connotations about synthetics because of the horrors of polyester in the seventies. Today's synthetics, including polyester, have nothing to do with the horrors of yesterday. In fact, most of the microfiber produced today breathes better than cotton. Performance fabrics have helped to completely realign the way people think about microfiber. Wicking and moisture management are possible thanks to microfiber. The fabric is more pliable and easily manipulated than cotton, so it allows for the microscopic tunnels and channels that enable wicking to be knit into the fabric. The wicking process keeps you dry and even cools you off. What makes microfiber so ideal as a performance fabric is exactly what makes it ideal as a low-rise boxer brief fabric. Microfiber, which can either be polyester or lycra or nylon or rayon, has a higher stretch capacity than cotton. It also holds its shape better so that it doesn't sag and bulge. A microfiber low-rise boxer brief will mold itself to your body and give you the best fit you could ask for from a boxer brief or trunk. All men's underwear brands make a line of microfiber boxer briefs, and many of them are low-rise to meet the demands of the clothing industry. If you're tired of boxer briefs that bunch and trunks that twist then try a low-rise microfiber boxer brief for the best-fitting underwear you've ever tried. Whether you're a fan of Under Armour, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, or 2xist you will find a great microfiber option at HisRoom.