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Distinctly British fashion and style starts with the furnishings. And socks, more than ties, pocket squares, or cuff links, are where an Anglophile plants his Union Jack. Bright colors and patterns at the ankles, flashed while walking or sitting cross-legged, is as sure a sign of the UK as an umbrella. J. M. Dickens of London makes all the fine accessories a British gentleman may need, especially socks. If you're ardent for argyle and half-crazed for herringbone then JM Dickens of London has what you're looking for. Not only do they honor the classics, but they have reinvigorated them by introducing new takes on old favorites.

Socks have always provided the necessary cushioning between your feet and your footwear, as well as warmth, but that is their functional purpose. Many men prefer to don neutral colors when it comes to socks. Most match the socks to the colors of their suits. Some match their socks with their ties. Either of these approaches are the right of the person wearing the socks, but that is not to say they're doing it right. In some cases this sort of matching and strict color discipline produces a look of refinement and elegance so profound that it makes people blush and avoid eye-contact with the wearer for shame of inferior presentation. There's a cruelty to its appearance, and a perceived lack of patience. This person's train of thought probably goes something like this in the morning: "This color matches this color! BAM! DONE! OUT THE DOOR!" The opposite is true of socks with bold colors and patterns. The wearer of loud socks clearly has an elevated mood and an open, warm, friendly demeanor. People are much more ready to compliment and start a conversation with this person who has demonstrated patience and care in selecting just the right pair of socks. These socks make people smile, and these are the sort of socks that J. M. Dickens makes.

Stripes seem to run in all directions on JM Dickens socks. Some are stacked up in alternating colors with reimagined argyle diamond overlays. Some are broken up tartan patterns with bold colors brightening up the boring. Some weave in and out of others to create eye-catching abstract designs, and some are just plain bands looping around your leg. Lines are very important on these socks, implied or real. The diamond grid layout of the polka-dot patterned socks might seem too rigid if the polka-dots weren't all different colors, and the argyles can run from subtle to a riot of colors.

J. M. Dickens of London socks are ideal for young and old. Every pair begins with a generous base of long-staple Peruvian Pima Cotton, a variety of cotton that produces exceptionally high quality fabric, known for its soft and lightweight characteristics, and then just the right amount of nylon and lycra fabrics are added to maintain the fabric's softness and ensure a fantastic fit and shape retention over the life of the sock. For the finest in footwear for the forward-thinking free spirit who still admires the fashion of his father's father try HisRoom's selection of JM Dickens of London socks today!