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To introduce a Jack O'Neill brand would seem a logical move, since he was the founder of the O'Neill surfing and swimwear empire. It all started in 1952, when Jack opened a surf shop in a garage in Northern California. His friends laughed when Jack began making neoprene surf vests and surfboards, but the laughing must have stopped soon after his business took off. His Surf Shop turned into a hangout for the local surfers, and his wetsuit designs diversified to include a short style, a long John and a long-sleeve 'beaver tail' jacket. The surfers found that they could stay in cold water longer due to his neoprene suits.

Jack kept fine-turning his wetsuits, adding new features and accessories, and the area around North California turned into a year-round surf paradise. Eventually surfers along the East Coast started surfing in January. More sports enthusiasts began wearing Jack's wetsuits, including divers, water skiers, snow boarders and wind surfers. Soon the O'Neill empire had moved into a new facility and Jack put all six of his offspring to work in their own specialized areas of expertise. Jack concentrated on sponsoring surfing competitions around the world.

By 1980, the O'Neill surf shop had evolved into a thriving world-wide company that ruled the world's wetsuit market and had become a major beach lifestyle sportswear brand. Pat O'Neill took over as CEO in 1985, making it easier for Jack to work in environmentally-friendly projects like saving the Great White shark and starting a free, educational cruise for children on the Team O'Neill catamaran. Jack O'Neill the man has turned into Jack O'Neill the brand to continue the family focus on marine life and ecology.  Check back frequently to see new styles arriving in this great new O'Neill surf and swimwear collection.