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Silk has always been a highly prized and sought after fabric, and Intimo silk underwear continues to prove why. If you like the luxurious look and feel of silk underwear, then Intimo is definitely a brand you should seek out. Intimo produces 100% silk boxers and sleep pants that ensure your comfort with their sleek, lightweight feel. Many companies produce silk boxers, and for most of them that's enough. They and their customers are content with what they've come to expect. That is what makes Intimo so different. They'll try things out to see if they can produce a result that is an improvement on what already works. In this respect Intimo has several things to offer the market that other manufacturers simply don't, and one of those things is that Intimo has made silk boxers with just enough spandex to give the material stretch for extra comfort. It makes a great difference in the overall feel of the boxer and how it wears. If you prefer to wear your silk boxers under your pants, and not just by themselves at home, then these are an even more attractive option as they'll allow you to move much more freely than a pair of 100% silk boxers.

Silk underwear is fantastic, but its appeal isn't enjoyed by everyone. If you're a big man then you have a dilemma. There are few companies that produce silk underwear in your size, but, as luck would have it, Intimo happens to be one of the few men's underwear companies that does. Intimo's Big Solid Silk Boxer MK00001 offers a line of big man sizes with a range of colors to choose from so that you can find your favorite.

HisRoom also carries some of Intimo's underwear styles made out of a liquid metallic fabric with vibrant colors on a jet black background. What sets these hot and sexy underwear choices off are all of the bright red, sparkling lip marks covering their surfaces. The metallic lips collection from Intimo is just the right balance of fun and sexy, and they look fantastic.

In addition to creating fine silk sleepwear, Intimo has partnered with designer Joseph Abboud to create a line of fine men's sleepwear garments that is also carried by HisRoom. This versatile and sophisticated leisurewear collection offers silk-like softness and cozy, relaxed comfort.

The Intimo brand can be found in better department stores and upscale men's clothing stores. Perhaps even more telling is that Intimo has the kind of reputation within the industry to be approached by Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue to produce lines of merchandise for them. Intimo stands for demonstrated quality and comfort in their garments that leaves the customer feeling confident in their purchase. For the finest in silk underwear that you'll have and love wearing for years to come try Intimo underwear.