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Grigioperla Underwear, a “high lifestyle” collection is characterized by the use of sophisticated and “ultra-light” materials, but above all by the great care, almost sartorial, taken in the details. There is also, moreover, a sophisticated touch of color which is different for each of the three series, thereby giving them a personalized feel. Grigioperla materials are constructed from smooth, fine-knitted cotton, with tone-on-tone elastic and logo on the briefs and boxer shorts.

The introduction of the new Nero Perla basics line, which consists of several fabric collections to better address each man's personal needs and preferences, extends and emphasizes what you already love about Grigioperla. The Nero Perla line is defined by beautifully subdued, solid neutrals that allow the exquisite fabrics and careful, masterfully executed construction to shine through. The briefs and trunks are both low-rise for a body-flattering look and instant sex appeal that is enhanced by the sheer quality of the fabric. The hint of skin tone just under the fabric is just enough to leave an impression without overdoing it. The same can be said of the overall design of the underwear. Minimal detail with emphasis on color and fabric quality gives the Skin Nero Perla collection an elegance and air of luxury that doesn't require a label to communicate itself. All Grigioperla t-shirts are cut for a trim embrace that allows them to be discreetly concealed underneath your dress shirts.

Grigioperla's story begins over 50 years ago in Italy when La Perla was founded in 1954. Originally the company only produced corsets. The name "La Perla" originates from the clamshell boxes lined with red velvet that the corsets came in- the corsets themselves being "the pearls." Grigioperla, or "gray pearl," benefits from the generations of experience in crafting fine underwear that La Perla has cultivated. It's no secret that the male anatomy is different from a females, but both men and women enjoy well-fitting underwear made of the highest quality fabrics. The design of the line has a distinctly masculine look and feel with just enough sex appeal to set it apart and make it interesting.

Most of Grigioperla's briefs and trunk boxer briefs are flyless, as they have contour pouches instead of functional flies. Much like Grigioperla, contour pouches are a new addition to the underwear world, but have fast become an extremely popular and desired feature of men's underwear. Contour pouches offer the roomy comfort of a boxer, with the hold of a brief. Basic fly-fronts have no hold or support whatsoever. You're just held up against yourself, but contour pouches solve that problem. You often exchange the convenience of a fly for the benefits of a contour pouch, but many men are happy to make the trade. If you'd rather not lose your fly-front, then there's always the Grigioperla Comfort and Comfort line collections. They offer some of the comforting support of a contour pouch with a contour seam at the base, but also feature an open fly.

Grigioperla has dedicated itself to being a lifestyle brand. In addition to their full selection of underwear basics, from briefs, boxer briefs, and mens thongs in a variety of silhouettes and rises, as well as crewneck and v-neck t-shirts that work as both under and outerwear, Grigioperla has also crafted a line of fine luxury swimwear. Grigioperla makes the most of when you're wearing the least by using only the finest cottons and synthetics to create their incredible garments. A man needs nothing more than Grigoperla, and should demand nothing less.